Brit pets to get £100m of presents this Christmas

275x250.jpgBritain's dog and cat lovers will shell out an incredible £100million this Christmas - on presents for their pets.

Almost six out of ten pet owners say they will pamper their pets with gifts on December 25th, spending around £11.58 each on food treats, stockings, squeaky toys, bones and balls.

Given there are 14.5million cats and dogs in the UK, that means people will spend a staggering £99,096,800.

Common pet presents include Other a new lead, an outfit, tug and rope toys, gourmet food and grooming products.

I bought my dog a treat for Christmas once.. then he left one for me on the bathroom floor.

A third of people say they buy their pets presents simply because they love them and just under one in 10 people believe their pets deserve to be treated at Christmas just like anyone else.

Lee Mooney, of Co-Operative Insurance which polled 3,000 pet owners, said: "The results of the survey clearly show that the UK is a nation of pet lovers.

"Dogs and cats are increasingly seen as part of the family and we appear to be determined to show this at Christmas.

"Cats and dogs provide companionship to many people and at Christmas it is apt that these animals are shown just how appreciated they are."

Co-Operative Insurance  
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