Antarctic cruise ship battered by 30ft waves

This is probably not what the 100 tourists on-board had expected when they booked a nice leisurely Antarctic cruise.

Dramatic footage show the moment a cruise ship broke down when it was battered by 30-foot waves as it sailed through Drake Passage towards Argentina.

The rough sea knocked out an engine and communications on the Clelia II,  as giant waves lashed onto the deck and smashed windows.

Looking at the clip, which was filmed from another ship, it's hard to believe, but non of the 100 passengers and 60 staff onboard were injured.

Repairs were made to the ship and it proceeded to limp back to Argentina an reduced engine power… by the time it gets to port the passengers might have dried off.
A spokesperson for the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators said: "Reports indicate that while Clelia II was encountering rough weather and sea conditions.

"A large wave hit the ship, breaking the starboard bridge window and dousing some electrical circuitry. This caused a temporary loss of communications and affected engine performance.

"Both engines remained operational and speed was reduced. There are no injuries to passengers, although one member of the crew sustained minor injuries."

International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators   
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