Cheryl Cole could need subtitles for US X-Factor

275x250.jpgCheryl Cole could need subtitles if she becomes a judge on the US version of the X-Factor next year, according to a global poll of interpreters and translators.

The Geordie Girls Aloud singer - tipped to star on the US show - has been named one of the high-profile Brits most likely to need subtitles on US TV.

A poll of 226 linguists found Cheryl the fourth most difficult Brit celeb to understand - with only Wayne Rooney, Alex Ferguson and Susan Boyle were harder to decipher.

A spokesperson for Today Translations, which conducted the poll said: "We wanted to know whether Cheryl Cole might need subtitles when she becomes a judge on the US version of The X Factor."

Forget that, we could do with subtitles on the ITV version. Seriously we don't understand a word she says.
Top 10 Subtitle-Needing Celebrities
1. Wayne Rooney
2.= Alex Ferguson
2.= Susan Boyle
4. Cheryl Cole
5. Prince Charles
6. Camilla Windsor
7.= Stephen Gerrard
7.= Ant and Dec
9. Gavin Henson
10. Christine Bleakley

In the past Susan Boyle was given subtitles by US TV, when she appeared earlier this year on the CBS Sunday Morning News.

Boyle’s Scottish accent, said the producers, was “a little hard to understand” – hence the subtitles. The same show also used subtitles when showing a clip of Geordie TV presenters, Ant and Dec.

This prompted Today Translations to ask which other Brits need subtitles in similar circumstances.

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