Heston Blumenthal Christmas puddings hit eBay

275x250.jpg If you were buying a Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding at his restaurant The Fat Duck, you’d expect it to be pretty expensive.

And you'd probably think it would be far cheaper if you could pick one up on eBay which had originally been sold in Waitrose for £13.99… but you'd be wrong.

The Hidden Orange Christmas puds are currently changing hands on the internet auction site for vast amounts, some have already sold for more than £120.

This has prompted other scrooges (who are obviously struggling to find their Christmas spirit) to list their puddings for as much a £350 each.
275x250.jpg "The success of Heston’s Christmas pudding shows that customers are as keen as ever to have the best quality for their festive meals and all our top tier ranges are performing well.

"We’ve never sold out of a Christmas pudding in November before but Heston’s innovative take on the traditional favourite has really captured the imagination of our customers.

"Waitrose has already sold four times more of the theatrical Christmas day centre piece than any other premium pudding has ever sold before."

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