Dutch artists sell Arctic ice cubes for your freezer

A pair of Dutch artists have completed an expedition to the North Pole to brink back a chunk of Arctic ice -- for you to buy and keep in your freezer.

Coralie Vogelaar and Teun Castelein wanted to highlight the impact of climate change so they did what anyone would, they shipped ice from a glacier to Amsterdam.

This was then chopped into 1,000 pieces which were placed in plastic containers and are currently on sale for £21 from a temppory store in Museum Square, Amsterdam, and can be reserved from mypolarice.com.

The duo say the nine inch transparent packaging will keep your ice frozen for three hours. So you'll need to decide quickly if you will be popping it in your freezer.. or the world'd most extravagant gin and tonic.
A spokesperson for the project said: "A piece of polar ice is a must have collector's item from the last ice age. It is a unique relic, a once in a lifetime souvenir.

"Your piece of history might be an interesting investment for the future. Since scarcity has value. The melting of the ice capes makes your piece worth more every day."

The polar ice contains
0.29 mg/l Calcium, 
0.005 mg/l Magnesium, 
0 mg/l Nitrate,
0.04 mg/l Potassium, 
0.22 mg/l Sodium, 
0.001 mg/l Manganese.

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