Bubble Tent: The tent with a view (in and out)

275x250.jpg Ideal for exhibitionist campers, a bizarre blow-up tent has been created offering panoramic views… both in and out.

The CristalBubble is transparent tent which looks like a upturned goldfish bowl, meaning campers get to take in the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

And they will not have to put up with the normal problems of camping. The £400 per night tents, which are dotted around France, come equipped with beds, sofa and woredrobes.

The tents are kept inflated with a airlock and silent pump and they even have electric lights… which you might not want to use when jumping out of bed naked at night.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Bubble Tree said: "CristalBubble´s shape was voluntarily designed with the goal to offer a dreamy space without disturbing the nature and the environment.  

"The hut and its walls were reduced at their minimum. Cristalbubble hut is both suited to spend an unusual night in the nature and taking advantage of a multifunction life space all year long, even at the bottom of your garden.     

French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas who came up with the unique tent, added: "Bubble huts are for me like an ataraxics catalyst, a place apart where getting rest, breathing and standing back.

"Thanks to its geometry and its working principle, hosts can benefit from an amazing acoustic effect.

"Noises coming from the outside are reduced and noises coming from the inside echo towards the sphere´s hub. This echo drives people to speak quietly bringing about a feeling of appeasement favourable to have a nap."

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