Baby being born on Google Street View is a fake

275x250.jpg There are some pretty strange sights on Google Street View -- but a baby being born on the streets of Berlin isn't one of them.

This odd image did the rounds yesterday seemingly showing the Google car capturing the moment of birth on a street in the Wilmersdorf borough of the German city.

But all is not as it seems, Google have now confirmed the image is a fake and that real image taken of the street in question is a lot more mundane.

It's not known why the fake was created, but it's worth noting the building in the image is home to an advertising agency. Does this mean we can't believe everything we see on the internet?
The fake image was first tweeted about on TwitPic and soon went viral with people sharing it meaning it was quickly viewed more than 18,000 times.

However, Google Germany debunked the image and outed it a fake on their Twitter account and a bit of exploring of Google Street View located the actual image of the property, though it's been blurred out.

A bit more detective work discovred that the blurred out building -- which is near a hospital, making a street birth all the more unlikely -- is home to Brandenburgs advertising agency.

Newslite today tried contacting the firm but no-one was available for comment… maybe they were all out on mid-wife duties.

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