Meet the world's largest custard cream biscuit

275x250.jpg Good look trying to find a cup of tea big enough to dunk it in. This is the world's largest custard cream biscuit.

Created by Simon Morgan & Paul Thacker on Guinness World Records Day, the massive treat measures a whopping 59cm long and 39cm wide and weighs 15.73kg.

The duo said they came up with the idea of creating a giant biscuit in a bid to raise money for charity while also gaining themselves a place in the record books.

Asked why they picked the humble custard cream to recreate the lads said they'd already made a big Bourbon and Jammie Dodger and wanted to do something different. Obviously.
275x250.jpg The big biscuit -- which took 11 and a half hours to create -- is now being auctioned off for charity on eBay and bids have already reached £400 with a day left.

Guinness World Records 
The huge biscuit @ eBay  
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