Anti-iPhone goes on sale with basic technology

275x250.jpg Most new mobile phones do all sorts of clever things like shoot HD video, access the internet and work as a sat-nav, but not all… meet the un-smartphone.

Hailed as the world's simplest phone, the £67 "John's Phone" is a "basic backlash" targeting users who don't want to check their Twitter feed or update Facebook.

In fact, all this phone does is make and receive calls, nothing else. There's no colour screen and the face features simply the numbers and a "Hello" and "Bye" buttons.

Well that's not entirely true, users can access an address book and play games… but these are in a paper book which slots into the rear.
Dutch makers, advertising agency John Doe, are hoping it will be a hit with technophobes and kids buying their first phone.

Designer Diedriekje Bok said: "At a time when there is an abundance of choices and oppressive channels, we wanted to develop a simple gadget.

"It is also a useful phone while travelling, exercising or weekend sailing.

"You always reach for your close family and friends, so John's Phone is for when the rest of the world does not matter."

Customer Ben Reed, 24, said "I think it looks quite cool. The design is stylish and I like the simplicity of it.

"But I don't know if I could use it instead of my current phone. I rely on it to coordinate my social life, keep an eye on my work e-mails and to follow news updates online. I can see how this phone might be good for old people or very young kids, though."

John's Phone
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