British paper plane completes first space mission

275x250.jpg A group of British space fans have successfully launched a paper plane into space and captured some amazing images in the process.

The trio of amateur space enthusiasts created an impressive paper aircraft with a 3ft wingspan and launched it using a helium balloon.

A small onboard camera then took a series of photos as it soared to 23 miles (90,000ft) above the earth and the balloon burst due to air pressure.

The plane then glided back down from the edge of sapce landing 100 miles from where it had been launched… and to think the best I've ever made have only gone eight metres.
275x250.jpg Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines came up with the idea for Operation Paris - Paper Aircraft Released Into Space - over a year ago.

They then set about trying to work out how to do it - including designing the craft and a GPS device to track it after the landing.

Permission to launch the balloon and paper plane 50 miles west of Madrid was eventually granted by Spanish authorities and Operation Paris had a total cost of just £8,000.

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