LEGO frog gets given a brick-by-brick dissection

275x250.jpg An artist and LEGO fan has created a remarkably accurate model of a frog dissection -- using nothing more than tiny bricks.

Teacher Dave Kaleta had been given the brief 'Lego anatomy' for a Lego building contest on the website

Kaleta initially planned on using the topic Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson, but after chatting with a fellow teacher he decided a frog dissection was a more universal experience.

He then spent seven hours over three days producing the impressive anatomically correct model… which despite consisting solely of LEGO bricks still makes us feel a little queasy.
275x250.jpg Speaking of his work Dave Kaleta said: "I'd actually never dissected a frog myself, we did fetal pigs at the school I attended.

"I went up to the science department to see if they had a model I could look at, but they didn't, so I culled image reference from online.

"I keep my Lego in an artist's loft that I keep with some fellow artists. It's a great place to build because I don't have to clean up right away and there's no distractions.

"I have NO idea how many pieces are included, but it's probably between 1000-2000."

Dave Kaleta @ Flickr  
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