Royal Mail warns family over postman cat attack

275x250.jpgPostal workers will no longer be putting letters through the door of a Portsmouth family… because their pussy is evil. Maybe.

Royal Mail bosses claim Lana - a tortoiseshell coloured cat - has been attacking local postmen with vicious claw-swiping assaults.

A formal letter sent to owners Carl and Carol White, asked them to keep Lana away from the front door, or face a ban on deliveries to their home.

The problem started several weeks ago when a postman slotted a pile of letters into their letterbox and Lana scratched him - leaving him bleeding for two hours.

As a result the scared postman now knocks the door each morning to hand over the post in safety… what a pussy.
The letter from the Royal Mail said: "The postman was putting a letter through the letterbox when the cat put his paw through and swiped the postman's thumb and finger causing it to bleed.

"Animal attacks are a major cause of injury to Royal Mail staff and so I am writing to seek your co-operation in preventing a repeat of this unfortunate incident."

Royal Mail  
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