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A pair of Dutch artists have completed an expedition to the North Pole to brink back a chunk of Arctic ice -- for you to buy and keep in your freezer.

Coralie Vogelaar and Teun Castelein wanted to highlight the impact of climate change so they did what anyone would, they shipped ice from a glacier to Amsterdam.

This was then chopped into 1,000 pieces which were placed in plastic containers and are currently on sale for £21 from a temppory store in Museum Square, Amsterdam, and can be reserved from

The duo say the nine inch transparent packaging will keep your ice frozen for three hours. So you'll need to decide quickly if you will be popping it in your freezer.. or the world'd most extravagant gin and tonic.

275x250.jpgA live webcam showing penguins enjoying the recent snowfall at Edinburgh Zoo has become a surprise online hit.

Presumably destroying the productivity levels in offices across the country, hundreds of thousands are said to be logging on to see live footage.

Links to the 'Penguin Cam' page on the Edinburgh Zoo website were spread on site like Twitter and Facebook as office workers marvelled at the feathered critters.

And it's not hard to see why. After clicking this link we're surprised that any more articles have been posted to Newslite.

Ironically, the snow which send so many fans to Penguin Cam, also caused the zoo to be closed to the public.

275x250.jpg If you were buying a Heston Blumenthal Christmas pudding at his restaurant The Fat Duck, you’d expect it to be pretty expensive.

And you'd probably think it would be far cheaper if you could pick one up on eBay which had originally been sold in Waitrose for £13.99… but you'd be wrong.

The Hidden Orange Christmas puds are currently changing hands on the internet auction site for vast amounts, some have already sold for more than £120.

This has prompted other scrooges (who are obviously struggling to find their Christmas spirit) to list their puddings for as much a £350 each.

New shoes hurt women after just 34 minutes

275x250.jpgThe average woman can stand their new pair of shoes for just 34 minutes before grimacing with pain on a night out, it has been found.

Researchers discovered once women have stepped out of the taxi and into a pub or club, they survive just over 30 minutes before their feet hurt.

Four in ten said they even take a spare pair of pumps 'out of habit' to change into because they know their shoes will rub.

And more than half have ended up walking home bare-foot, while one in ten have abandoned their shoes altogether or borrowed someone else's.

But despite this, one fifth claim they would NEVER be put them off wearing a pair of killer heels… maybe that's because the one in ten who have been fireman-lifted home enjoyed it.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Almost half of Brits believe that aliens do exist a survey of 2,000 people has revealed. According to the Royal Society results, men are more likely to believe. (Daily Mail)

A Brazilian drug dealer known as Bigfoot hid his luxury palace in the middle of Rio slums -- complete with a swimming pool on the roof, a professional kitchen and… a mural of Justin Bieber. (MSN)

A truck driver recently had very lucky brake… and that’s putting it mildly he somehow ended up perched precariously over the edge of a cliff. (The Sun)

An elephant which fell down a ditch and became trapped upside down had to be rescued with the help of an excavator. (Daily Mail)

A passenger on a flight from Chicago to New York stripped naked -- which is  a long way to go to get a free blanket. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgBikes get stolen. Even when locked to a lamp posts -- but what if they where locked to a lamp post and raised 15ft off the ground?

That's the question a group of German inventors asked themselves shortly before creating a lamp post-climbing bike lock.

The team from German electronic components firm Conrad dreamt up the gizmo as part of a recent advertising campaign.

Made from motorised skateboard wheels, the device locks a cycle to a lamppost and then climbs 15ft up taking your bike out of the reach of crooks.

Bikers then simply press a button on a remote control to get their bike returned when they're ready to ride off… unless the battery has run out, or someone had locked their bike under yours.

Spanish woman claims she now owns the sun

275x250.jpgA woman claims she's now the legal owner of the sun after registering the star at a local notary public as being her property.

What's more, 49-year-old Angeles Duran from Spain says she now wants to start charging everyone on the Earth for using it.

While an international agreement states no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, Duran says there is nothing stopping an individual.

As such she says she's now the rightful owner of the sun and wants to charge anyone who uses it, in a bid to raise money for the Spanish government, research, ending world hunger… and herself.

Speaking to El Mundo, she said: "I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law." --- Wow, where do you start?

A little dancer has become a big hit on the internet after a video of him strutting his stuff was uploaded to YouTube.

During the dance, Angelo Baligad - known as Lil Demon - spins on his head, somersaults and supports his body weight with a single hand.

Now seen seen by more than 450,000 people, the clip was shot during a dance off contest in Hawaii where the pint-sized kid took on someone twice his size.

His rival Joshua Lee 'Milky' Ayers had pulled out some of his best moves but was left shocked when Lil Demon began performing in front of fans.

Then Ayers had to pull out his best ever performance… making out he wasn't embarrassed by getting owned by child. 

275x250.jpgToy Story has been named as the movie which most likely to make men blubber after it topped a list of the top 10 films which make grown men cry.

A survey of male movie fans found the animated Pixar classic - which tells the story of a jealous cowboy toy - often makes men cry.

It was followed in the list by tear-prompters by Forrest Gump and Return of the Jedi, which ends with the heroic Luke Skywalker finally defeating the evil Empire.

Other movies which make men cry include ET, Jerry McGuire, Titanic and the Shawshank Redemption.

Bizarrely the Jennifer Aniston film Marley And Me was also on the list… presumably because men weep at being forced to watch such a more movie.

275x250.jpgThe average Brit will enjoy just seven white Christmas' during their lifetime, it has been found.

While snow is currently causing havoc across the country, researchers discovered we only see snow on Christmas Day once every 11 years on average.

And not everyone is that lucky, a disappointed 45 percent of people have never experienced a white Christmas.

Glasgow was found to be the best place to be for snow lovers as it gets a moderate to severe dusting on Christmas Day every two-and-a-half years.

Edinburgh follows close behind in the list of places most likely to get snow - with the white stuff coming down every 4.9 years. We are still talking about snow, right?

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

It’s official, Elvis Presley has died… at the age or 70 in his Birmingham home. This ‘Elvis’ had changed his name by deed poll so long ago no-one knew his original name. (Mirror)

A woman who has the Twitter name @theashes has been besieged by people wanting live cricket scores - despite normally tweeting about knitting and her toddler. (Courier Mail)

Three people in Florida have now been attacked by an aggressive otter. The latest assault was caught on video -- by the man being attacked. He hadn't heard of the previous attacks and wanted to film the otter. (CBS) (YouTube)

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Usher have vowed not to use social media sites Facebook and Twitter until acharity raises $1 million. (BBC)

A Swedish man swallowed a 3cm plastic capsule containing a battery-powered audio device and then used a stethoscope connected to an amplifier to broadcast music from his stomach. As you do. (Asylum)

Weird Week: Big, Pig, Potato In A Wig


More weird news in video form. This week there is the world's largest custard cream biscuit, a piggy bank made from the body of a dead piglet and -- like that wasn't enough -- a potato in space.

275x250.jpg A French photographer has transformed his 91-year-old granny into a spandex  and cape-wearing superhero for a stunning set of images.

Sacha Goldberger came up with the idea as a way of spending more time with his Hungarian-born grandmother who was showing signs of depression.

But the subsequent images -- which feature her scaling building and lifting cars --  have become an online hit and turned Frederika into something of a star.

Goldberger uses a mixture of studio techniques and photo manipulation to create the images… though we are assured she really was flying in the treadmill image.

275x250.jpgA seven-year-old girl has racked up a £250 bill for her parents -- after playing a game on their Facebook profile for just one hour.

Paramedic Mathew Fox, from Birmingham, says he was completely unaware daughter Megan was costing him a fortune as she played 'Petville'.

Mathew had let the youngster use his account to play the popular game because he does not think she's old enough to have an account of her own.

But as she bought virtual clothes and furniture for a colourful make-believe pet, he didn't know it was all being charged to his PayPal account.

That was until he received an spate of emails confirming the £250 virtual spending spree… we probably shouldn't repeat the status update he made shortly after.

275x250.jpg Ideal for exhibitionist campers, a bizarre blow-up tent has been created offering panoramic views… both in and out.

The CristalBubble is transparent tent which looks like a upturned goldfish bowl, meaning campers get to take in the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

And they will not have to put up with the normal problems of camping. The £400 per night tents, which are dotted around France, come equipped with beds, sofa and woredrobes.

The tents are kept inflated with a airlock and silent pump and they even have electric lights… which you might not want to use when jumping out of bed naked at night.

A video of an audience member vomiting into a plastic bag during the recording of a Spanish TV show has become an online hit.

Despite being filmed over a year ago the clip, from 'Know How To Live' has recently shot to internet fame.

The 42 second video shows a presenter talking to camera about how to achieve healthy skin as the audience member vomits into a clear plastic bag.

It's only when other members of the audience start waving their arms and calling for help that the camera zooms in to a point the puking can't be seen.

We can sympathise with the vomiter… watching This Morning leave us feeling in much the same way.

275x250.jpgResearchers claim they have 'officially' discovered the most boring day of the 20th century… April 11 1954.

A team of Cambridge scientists say the day was devoid of any major news events or even the birth or death of any famous people.

They made the discovery after developing a new search engine which collates 300 million facts and can reveal what happened on certain days in history.

Running a script to compare all days from the beginning of the 20th century April 11 1954 was revealed as the most uneventful.

The 'highlight' events included a general election in Belgium and the birth of a Turkish academic… and we thought today was boring.

WNWDW: Woman trapped in toilet for 20 days

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

An elderly French woman has finally been saved after surviving being trapped in her Paris bathroom for 20 days, she was only rescued after her banging on pipes annoyed neighbours. (BBC) Thanks Trevor… who always takes his phone to the loo.

A 73-year-old man says he was tricked into trashing a motel room when a prank caller told him to smash the TV and mirrors to destroy a network of sophisticated cameras and then use a wrench to bash through a wall in a bid to free a trapped midget. (MSNBC)

In yet another confined European story, a German man became trapped in his basement after building a wall… and being on the wrong side. The 64-year-old escapes by drilling his way through to his neighbours floor. (AFP)

Merton, the piano-playing hood-wearing man who shot to fame with his improvised songs on Chatroulette has now been hired to give a musical welcome travellers returning to UK airports. (Asylum)

Warner Bros, the movie studio behind Harry Potter, have trademarked the idea of "Quidditch lingerie". (Asylum

Most shoplifters try to discretely slip products into their pocket or bag… but not this one she had a more blatant approach.

Police in Ohio say Nakita Norman was arrested after being caught on CCTV cameras stuffing two fur coats in her trousers.

After casually walking around the store Norman removed the security tags from two coats while another man and woman distracted staff.

Then she opened her coat, lowered her trousers and proceeded to stuff the bulky fur coats - valued at £3,200 - into the legs.

Amazingly the 44-year-old was able to leave the store unnoticed… even though she had suddenly developed a slightly funny walk.

275x250.jpgBarack Obama has performed what he described as "one of the most important" duties he has as President of the United States" -- pardoning a turkey.

With the help of daughters Sasha and Malia, Obama performed the annual presidential tradition by sparing the life of a bird.

This year the lucky bird was 'Apple' -- joined by understudy 'Cider' -- and both birds came from Foster Farms Wellsford Ranch, California.

Speaking at the event, Obama said: "There is one official duty I am sworn to uphold as leader of the most powerful nation on earth… granting a presidential pardon to a pair of turkeys."

He then added: "It feels pretty good to stop at least one shellacking this November." 

A video of a heavily pregnant woman with a baby apparently trying to burst out from her stomach Alien-style has become an online hit.

In the one and a half minute clip, the French mom-to-be is seen lying on her back as her unborn child kicks and wriggles inside.

This causes her stomach to contort and wobbly - much to the amusement of the mother, her partner and another child.

And the video has also become an online hit gaining more than 150,000 views of YouTube since it was uploaded earlier this week.

But while many viewers have been amused and drawing comparisons with the chest-busting creature from Alien -- several expectant mothers have been left terrified. 

275x250.jpgBubble bath, bath salts and socks have topped a list of the most UNWANTED Christmas presents.

Candles, Belgian chocolates and scarf sets also made the list as did ties, books and moisturiser.

The study of 3,000 people also found more than one in four will give an unwanted present they received last year to someone else this Christmas.

Nearly eight out of ten Brits claim they put a lot of thought into what they buy people for Christmas. However, four out of ten will give their unwanted gift to a charity shop as soon as possible.

If you think you could be on the receiving end of some bad present giving this festive season now is the time to start practicing your 'present face'.

WNWDW: Fake boobs could be re-possessed

Weird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A German woman who borrowed money from her then boyfriend to get breast implants fears they could be re-possessed after she broke up with him and has failed to pay him back fully. (Yahoo)

An OAP has lost his life savings of £80,000 after leaving it on the roof of his car and driving off. The 68-year-old says he does not trust banks. (Mirror)

Gangs of bad Santas have been arrested in Russia after Moscow police discovered they were mugging pedestrians and threatening them with knives and guns. (RT) Thanks Amy... no we know who was naughty or nice.

Have you ever fallen asleep during a movie? Well there is no excuse anymore after caffeinated popcorn went on sale. (Aol Weird News)

Teacher Eddie Murphy had abseiled off the roof of his school -- to re-unite a mother duck with her nine ducklings which had been left stranded in a high nest. (Stuff) Cheers David... egg-celent stuff.

275x250.jpg There are some pretty strange sights on Google Street View -- but a baby being born on the streets of Berlin isn't one of them.

This odd image did the rounds yesterday seemingly showing the Google car capturing the moment of birth on a street in the Wilmersdorf borough of the German city.

But all is not as it seems, Google have now confirmed the image is a fake and that real image taken of the street in question is a lot more mundane.

It's not known why the fake was created, but it's worth noting the building in the image is home to an advertising agency. Does this mean we can't believe everything we see on the internet?

275x250.jpgTilting your head boosts your sex appeal and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, experts have found.

Boffins claim their tests prove the simple action can play a significant role in how attractive we are to the opposite sex.

A team from the University of Newcastle in Australia asked people to rate the attractiveness of computer-generated 3D faces at different angles.

It was discovered women are more attractive if they tilt their face forward at an angle while men are most appealing when tilted backwards.

It's thought this could be because men are usually taller than women… said the researchers with their necks now tilted at bizarre angles.

Police in Turkey say they've busted a bizarre gang of crooks who were stealing sheep from the back of moving trucks.

And in a bid to prevent further crimes, the officers then got them to re-enact their crime for a video which has been uploaded to YouTube.

Officers say the arrests were made after they discovered the gang were driving behind sheep-carrying tucks on a motorbike and cart.

One gang member would then climb onto the moving truck and start unloading sheep into the cart without the driver knowing.

Officers claim getting the gang to recreate the crime on video is to  dissuade others from similar crimes… but we all know they really just want more views for their account.

275x250.jpgThe average adult doesn't unwind fully until 12.38pm on a Saturday afternoon -- and starts thinking about work again as early as 3.55pm on a Sunday.

Researchers claim it takes millions of workers almost 19 hours to clear their head of office issues before they feel able to relax.

That means in reality the typical Brit gets to enjoy just 27 hours and 17 minutes of their weekend.

The study of 4,000 workers also found six out of ten people end up working at some point over the weekend in a bid to get ahead in time for Monday morning.

Nearly half also say they check work emails over the weekend… but then again almost all check Facebook when they are meant to be working.

WNWDW: Car sex couple plucked from river

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A randy couple in Germany had to be plucked out of the Rhine by rescuers after they knocked the gearstick while having sex in a car and it rolled into the river. (Metro) Cheers Amy… the hand-break is your friend.

The DNA test results to prove whether a man is really the son of a bearded lady are  set to be revealed. Yes you read that correctly. (Aol Weird News)

There are times we're glad our job consists of sitting safely behind a keyboard and surfing the internet -- like when we saw this video of a rattlesnake removal expert. (KPHO)

A Czech TV host who made a bet with viewers he'd kiss Lady Gaga during her recent stay in Prague has worn a outfit made out of meat after losing the challenge. (Telegraph) Thanks Dan… no, we don't know where you can get one.

A group of Canadian pals have created a web hit by producing some of the world's most fattening meals - including a 5,434-calorie sandwich which they boast is also the world's greasiest. (Asylum)

CCTV footage of what's being described as the world's fastest burglary has been released as a warning to residents in South Africa.

Said to have been filmed in Port Elizabeth the brief clip shows three men breaking into a store and stealing three 40-inch plasma screen TVs.

But if you blink you'll miss it. Because in what police say is an increasing common occurrence, the crooks know exactly what they are after and are in and out in just 20 seconds.

In that time they smash their way through the door before splitting up and each running at a TV grabbing it and making off with their

One even springs over a counter before yanking the TV from the wall… image if Dixons were able to install them this quickly.

275x250.jpg An Albanian artist says he's created the world's largest artwork made entirely from screws -- and no, he hasn't got a screw loose.

Saimir Strati last week spent countless hours individually screwing 300,000 industrial screws into a wooden board to create a giant 2.4m by 4.9m banknote.

The work -- which featured a portrait of the ancient Greek poet Homer in the centre -- is the fifth world record for Strati.

Last year achieved the record for the largest paintbrush mosaic… and something tells us he wasn't painting with them.

Scientists: Why dogs are smarter than cats

275x250.jpgResearchers at Oxford University say they've finally discovered which is smarter cats or dogs… and cat owners aren't going to like it.

Boffins claim dogs have developed bigger brains than cats because highly social species of mammals need more brain power than solitary animals.

The team analysed data on the brain and body size of more than 500 species of living and fossilised mammals from the past 60 million years.

It was found the brains of monkeys had grown the most over time, followed by horses, dolphins, camels and dogs.

Cats and other solitary animals had significantly less brain growth. Next researchers will look into whether dog or cat owners are smartest.

A footballer has been dubbed the 'Cannibal of Ajax' after being caught on camera biting the neck of a rival player.

Ajax and Uruguay ace Luis Suarez was playing in the match recent against PSV Eindhoven when a confrontation happened.

But rather than being part of the usual footballer slap and exaggerated fall, the striker opted for an altogether more vampiric approach.

Unseen by the referee he leaned forward and sunk his teeth into the neck of PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal.

Suarez was not punished during the game but has since been suspended for two games… and team-mates have started hanging garlic in the dressing room.

275x250.jpg19% of British blokes men believe George Orwell's classic novel Animal Farm is a blue movie and that Charles Darwin wrote Oliver Twist.

The worrying level of literature knowledge was revealed by a poll into the reading habits of 2,000 men under the age of 30.

Almost 25% also have no idea that Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, and a staggering 67% think the Scottish poet Robert Burns invented the haggis.

The survey also discovered that the average chap takes between eight and 12 months to read a SINGLE paperback.

Going on that statistic, it probably took them about two and a half weeks even to read the survey questions.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A German couple have been taken to court after neighbours complained the springs in their bed squeak too loudly when they have sex. (Telegraph) Cheers David… shop jumping up and down on your bed.

Bargain-hunting Americans looking for a cost effective Thanksgiving dinner are said to be considering a different type of meat this year… roadkill. (Aol Weird News)

A Polish horse has become a local celebrity after showing off her artistic side and painting a series of artworks by holding a paintbrush in her mouth. (ITN)

A giant luminous gemstone which was unearthed in Mongolia and is six tons and nearly five feet tall has gone on sale for £88 million. (Croatian Times)

A bizarre photograph of a naked German man climbing from the boot of a car has discovered on, and then promptly deleted from, Google Street View. (Asylum) 

275x250.jpg Good look trying to find a cup of tea big enough to dunk it in. This is the world's largest custard cream biscuit.

Created by Simon Morgan & Paul Thacker on Guinness World Records Day, the massive treat measures a whopping 59cm long and 39cm wide and weighs 15.73kg.

The duo said they came up with the idea of creating a giant biscuit in a bid to raise money for charity while also gaining themselves a place in the record books.

Asked why they picked the humble custard cream to recreate the lads said they'd already made a big Bourbon and Jammie Dodger and wanted to do something different. Obviously.

275x250.jpgBritish motorists will spend more than eight months of their life stuck in traffic jams, a study has revealed.

Researchers found the average driver spends five hours and 44 minutes behind the wheel each week - but an hour and 56 minutes of that is spent sitting in traffic.

This adds up to eight hours each month. From the age of 17, that's a total of 6,182 hours, or eight months and two weeks.
However, rather than simply waiting for traffic to move many bored drivers say they do things like watch other drivers, listen to music and send a text message.

Other drivers polled claim to spend the time updating Facebook, applying make-up or sending emails… then how come all the ones we see are picking their nose.

We once threw a ball of paper into a bin from eight metres away, bouncing it off two surfaces... unfortunately there was no-one else there to see it.

Luckily for this Japanese teenager -- who was recently equally in the zone while playing a basketball arcade game -- no moment now goes unrecorded for YouTube posterity.

As such she's become an online sensation after a video of her shooting an amazing series of consecutive baskets on the game was uploaded to the internet.

In the 70 second clip, the girl can be seen stepping up to the machine, grabbing the orange balls as soon as they're released.

She then proceeds to notch up 256 points by hurling them at the basket with the sort of speed and accuracy normally reserved for NBA players… and even then only the good ones.

English fry-up is Brits top hangover meal

275x250.jpgThe traditional English fry up was yesterday voted as Britain's favourite hangover food.

A tasty combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and hash browns was the winner by a mile in the poll of 3,000 people.

The humble bacon sandwich came second and a simple plate of just eggs and bacon was the third choice hangover meal.

Other popular options include a McDonald's breakfast, beans on toast and a stuffed crust pizza.

60% say they wake up starving after a night out drinking and that they hate cooking when hungover… to be honest we hate most things when hungover.

275x250.jpgIn a bid to make voting more interesting, a political party in Spain has produced an advert where casting her vote gives a young woman an orgasm.

The controversial ad from Young Socialists in Catalonia shows an excited-looking woman walking into the polling station and after letting her hair down, being handed a ballot.

She then places her vote, but only after dipping her ballot in and out of the ballot box several times while rolling her head back and moaning in pleasure.

As she releases the paper into the perspex box, she orgasms, before looking rather embarrassed and leaving the building sheepishly.

While the ad has proved a hit online, rival parties have complained it's "misleading". But imagine what would happen to voting rates if it wasn't.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A penguin which was left unable to catch his own fish after a boat propeller hit and smashed his bill has been fitted with a prosthetic acrylic beak. (3News)

A video of an armless man using his feet to fire a gun has as he lies on the bonnet of a car has become a hit on YouTube. In the clip, the man known as Michael even reloads the weapon using his toes. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

We love it when live TV news reporters are having a bad day -- like when they wait three minutes to see a live bridge implosion on camera, but cut away as the action happened. (Asylum)

A man who dressed as sheep on a night out and covered with four bags of cotton wool has suffered horrific burns after being set alight. And it would have been worse it Jesus hadn't been there to smother the flames. Really. (SWNS)

A lazy monkey which lives at a hotel in Columbia is said to have started hitching a ride to the tree tops by sitting on the back of one of the birds. (Aol Weird News)

In the odd news this week (or thereabouts) we have a man setting sail in an origami paper boat and a paper plane being launched into space. 

In non-paper-based vehicle news there's also the world's largest Gummy worm, inflatable crash helmets and the world's smallest road-legal car.

275x250.jpg A designer has created a controversial piggy-bank made from a the body of a real piglet, which has gone on sale online for £2,500.

The Piglet Bank is the creation of Belfast designer Colin Hart and is made to order by a taxidermist using the body of a deceased baby pig.

The poor porker is hollowed out and has their insides replaced a coin storage unit. They then have a coin slot cut in their back and a hole with a cork bung in there belly for removing the cash.

But while Colin is keen to stress they only use piglets which have died of natural caused, that hasn't stopped animal rights protesters sending him death threats. We can't imagine why they'd be upset.

275x250.jpg It was one small step for spud, one giant leap for spudkind. A potato has been dressed as Santa and launched to the edge of space. As you do.

The bizarre space mission was organised by a primary school in Devon with kids dressing the spud with a white beard and red hat.

It was then placed in a pop bottle 'rocket' christened Spudnik2 and attached to an extra large helium balloon and launched from a local car-park.

Also fitted with camera and a GPS system Spudnik then rose 17 miles up before the balloon burst and everything fell back to earth. Luckily no-one was injured the space potato -- that would be embarrassing.

It's good to keep an eye on world politics… if only so you can have a laugh when otherwise calm politicians resort to fisticuffs, just like this MP in Argentina.

During a recent budget debate in Argentina’s parliament MP Graciela Camano flipped out at a rival MP, Carlos Kunkel.

But she didn't limit her attack to a verbal assault, after standing beside him and shouting for several seconds, she then slapped him around the face.

It's said Camano had lost her rag after Kunkel made aspersions about her private life, rather than it being a policy-based disagreement.

Whatever happened, all we know is that Kunkel didn't retaliate… and this sort of thing could certainly liven up Westminster. 

275x250.jpg A survey of British TV fans has found up to 67% of TV talent show viewers 'judge' the contestants along with the TV experts -- and many think they could do a better job.

In fact 19% of viewer think they would make a better X Factor judge than Simon Cowell… and 71% think they'd be better at judging talent than Louis Walsh.

51% of viewers said TV talent shows like the X Factor left then shouting at the television and 28% said they made then feel angry while only 24% believed the judges are usually correct.

However, only 16% of viewers have ever voted for their favourite contestant… which is why Wagner will probably be safe again this week.

275x250.jpgNew York is said to be the city that never sleeps, and now a coffee consisting of 10 shots of espresso has gone on sale there, we can believe it.

Coffee shop The Pulp & The Bean say their 20-ounce 10 shot Dieci - Italian for 10 - offers the ultimate "jolt to get going".

Tony Fisher, the owner of the Brooklyn store, says he came up with the idea while thinking about possible new drinks to offer.

Speaking to Newslite he said: "It dawned on me that people love the espresso so much, why not give them more of it." So he did.

And the drink, which is only available for one week, has already become a hit with students pulling all-might study sessions… like anyone believes that's what they are really staying up for. 

WNWDW: Dog chased sea lion 4km out to sea

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Sea rescuers saved a dog off the coast of Adelaide after it chased a sea lion 4km out to sea. The determined dog had been walking on the beach with his owner when he ran into the water and didn't look back. (Portside Messenger)

Crime gangs in Scotland are said to have have copied the CIA-style interrogation techniques and started "waterboarding" rival gangmembers. (Daily Record)

A court in Germany has ruled that a pony cannot be give a tattoo of the Rolling Stones tongue logo because it would break animal protection laws. (The Local)

Yesterday was Guinness World Records Day when 200,000 people around the world were said to have attempted breaking crazy world records. (Asylum)

Authorities in the US are on the hunt for a radioactive mouse which is believed to be on the loose in Washington. (Courier Mail)

275x250.jpg A stunt mountain-biker who racked up 21m views on YouTube by pulling jaw-dropping tricks has released a new video - Way Back Home.

Former Edinburgh bike-shop worker Danny MacAskill shot to fame in 2009 after uploading a video to the internet.

As a result, he performed his unique brand of mountain bike stunt in TV adverts, music videos and secured sponsorship with Red Bull.

And it was for them he recorded the eight minute 'Way Back Home' during which he performs a series of gravity-defying stunt on route from Edinburgh to Skye.

275x250.jpgRussian inmates almost received a terrifying welcome to UK prison -- when a translation error saw an exercise yard labeled as "execution yard".

The linguistic blunder happened at HMP Lincoln as they produced a Russian language information booklet for 82 foreign inmates.

Luckily the error was spotted at the proofing stage as prison inspectors made and unannounced visit in May.

A report by prison bosses said: "Staff were concerned that some translations were not entirely accurate, one example being a Russian handbook which had translated 'exercise yard' as 'execution yard'."

It added that the mistake was "not funny" and added that in the future all translated material should be verified"… we'd have to disagree with them about it not being funny.

We'd be lying if we said we'd remained conscious for all of our lectures at university -- which is why we're glad we were not taught by this professor.

Professor Talbert recently flipped when one of his students at Cornell dared to yawn in his HA 1174 class and then not own up to it.

After hearing the yawn Talbert spins around and demands to know "Who did that? I want to know. Stand up."

When no-one does, he flips out telling them "My bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant" and that "I won't tolerate impolite."

He then screams: "If I hear one more of these overly loud yawns.. get up and walk the hell out. Yawn outside!" … we can only assume he didn't get enough sleep.

275x250.jpgHigh stress levels at work causes one in three people to comfort eat throughout the day, a study has found.

Research revealed the combination of long hours and a heavy workload causes millions of workers to reach for unhealthy snacks and treats.
It also emerged eight out of ten people regularly gorge on sweets or chocolate to cheer themselves up -- with many then going home for more comfort foods.
Cold weather is also said to tempt more people into comfort eating with 33% of people saying they do it more in winter.

The study of 3,000 people also revealed we spend an average of 1h 40m thinking about food every day… especially when being asked survey questions about it.

WNWDW: Fake doctor did 'boob exams' at bars

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A woman was arrested in Idaho after pretending to be a doctor and conducting a series of 'breast examinations' on women at bars. (Digital Journal) Cheers Kim… we can't believe that worked either.

Forget about flying saucers. Flying crisps are where it's at in Dudley. An oddly shaped UFO - dubbed the 'Dudley Dorito' - has been seen flying over the West Midlands. (Daily Mail)

A koala walks into a bar… No, this isn't the beginning of a bad Australian joke -- but rather a factually accurate description of an event in Queensland. (Sydney Morning Herald)

It's easy to get distracted while watching beach volleyball, even if you are a player. Bikini-clad  cheerleaders have been blamed by the Yemen team for their defeat at the Asian Games. (Telegraph) Thanks David… we know you were looking too.

Invite a sword swallower to a museum and it's bound to happen:... he's going to swallow an exhibit. A 100-year-old one. (Aol Weird News)

A photographer has stitched together 7,886 high-resolution images of London to create the world's largest 360-degree photo.

Jeffrey Martin says his 80 gigapixel panorama is so big it would measure 35m long and 17m tall if printed at normal photographic resolution.

It's said the images took three days to take, from the top of the 36 floor high Centre Point building at the crossroads of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road, using a DSLR camera with a 400mm lens.

Super-powerful computers were then required to put the images together and the results have been published online for you to zoom in and out of… and believe us, you won't be able to stop yourself.

A suspected drink driver in the US has somehow managed to crash his car twice… AFTER being pulled over by police.

When police in Laguna Beach instructed a suspected drink driver to pull over he duly did as he was told and pulled into a petrol station car park.

But as footage from a camera mounted in the police car shows, that's where it all began to go wrong for Christian Aparicio.

As he exited the car to talk to approaching officers, Aparicio left the vehicle in reverse and it sped back, smashing into the police patrol car.

Seeing what was happening, he then jumped back in and hit the accelerator -- this time sending the car shooting forward and crashing into a pole. It's safe to say he's had better days.

275x250.jpgThe average married adult loses out on around 730 hours of sleep every year - thanks to their partner's snoring and fidgeting, it has been found.

A study discovered husbands or wives typically loses two hours a night due to their other half's grunting, tossing or turning.

That means over their lifetime they can expect to be deprived of around 35,770 hours - the equivalent of around three-and-half years kip.

The study of 3,000 people also found women are more likely to be kept awake by their partner's snoring while men's biggest bugbears is a woman's fidgeting.

However, most people say they put up with it because they fear their sex life would go downhill if they weren't sharing a bed.

275x250.jpg One of the rarest diamonds ever found has been sold at auction for a record breaking $46 million (£29m).

The "fancy intense pink diamond" weighs 24.78 carats was snapped up by diamond dealer Laurence Graff at a recent Sotheby's auction in Geneva.

Mounted in a platinum ring, the diamond -- categorised as ‘potentially flawless’ -- was bought by the London jeweller via a telephone bid.

Instantly after the sale, Graff renamed the diamond the "Graff Pink" -- well he is a a humble and understated sort.

An enraged bull had matadors and bullfighting fans running for their lives when it jumped from the ring at an event in Mexico.

The 1,000-pound bull ran straight at the barriers before jumping up and landing amongst the crowd at Plaza de Toros in Mexico City.

Suddenly fans, who'd been watching from the 'safety' of second row of seats, found themselves with a closer view than they would have liked.

One man even leaped into the ring to escape the beast… and then quickly remembered that's where the bull would be returning.

While no fans were hurt in the incident a picador -- the guy responsible for spearing the animals during the fights -- was injured. It's almost like the bull knew what it was doing.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Scientists believe the best way to colonise Mars would be to start by sending elderly astronauts on a one-way mission to the red planet. (Daily Mail)

An irate OAP who was caught on CCTV intentionally shunting a car which was blocking access to his garage into the road outside a primary school has been banned from driving. (Asylum)

The American inventor of a range of fully functioning sex robots say he is seeing increased demand from randy Brits -- including a woman who wanted one which looks like Graham Norton. (The Sun)

A miniature horse used by a blind student at Michigan State University is thought to be the first 'guide pony' to attend college in the United States. (Digital Journal)

A 70-year-old woman was robed as she sat on the toilet in her Ohio home -- by a man wearing a clown mask. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgScientists say they've discovered some prehistoric monsters would only have been able to fly by first pole-vaulting themselves into the air.

Researchers say the pterosaur -- previously thought to have been too heavy for flight -- could actually fly, but only after an odd take off.

It's claimed the giraffe-sized reptiles used their limbs to "pole-vault" over their own wings and then push off the ground using their arm muscles.

However, once airborne it's thought the pterosaur - which had a 32ft wingspan - could fly huge distances and even cross continents.

But the scientists still haven't answered the all important question, what did the pterosaur taste like.

275x250.jpgFor most footballers, putting in a performance which gains world-wide attention can only be a good thing for their career.

But that's because not many players have had the dubious honour of making what is being described as the world's worst miss.

And as such, we can only advice Qatari footballer Khalfan Fahad to keep off the internet for a couple of days.

During a recent match against Uzbekistan at the Asian Games, Fahad chased a backpass and found himself unchallenged inches from goal.

But he somehow ended up hitting the post by committing a howler of such proportions we'd be surprised if he can ever look at a football again without breaking out in a cold sweat.

275x250.jpgA brave/stupid kite surfer has used the recent high winds to perform a series of dangerous tricks -- including jumping over Brighton pier.

Lewis Crathern, the former British kitesurfing champion, made the death-defying leap by using the gales and choppy waves to launch himself into the air.

He then manipulated his kite to carry him over the iconic landmark, before landing safely on the other side.

Speaking of the stunt the 26-year-old said: "You only get one try. If you don't get it right you could die."

Which just goes to show he must have balls of steel -- in fact we're surprised he didn't catch them on the top of the pier.

275x250.jpgThe most common questions of modern life have been revealed as the mundane "What are we having for dinner?" and "Are you okay?"

A poll quizzed 3,000 people about the questions they either ask, are asked, or hear, most on a daily basis.

It was found that we each ask around 37 questions per day - and are in turn asked another 40 by friends, family members, colleagues and strangers.

A third of Brits believe the majority of the questions they are asked come from work colleagues - most commonly asking "Would you like a cup of tea?", "Did you get my email?" and "How are you?"

A further 29% say their partner questions them most regularly asking "How was work?", and "Are you all right?" -- What do you think? Is that correct? Is this another pointless question?

WNWDW: Zoo turns elephant poop into profit

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Some people think this idea stinks, but a US zoo is making money out of elephant poo -- by painting it bright colours and selling it to visitors as art under the title 'My Pet Poo' (Digital Journal) Thanks Kim… please don't try making your own 'art'.

Richard Branson will slip into a stewardess uniform and a pair of high-heels when he works for an airline rival as a air hostess after loosing a Formula One bet. (Stuff)

An Australian man is attempting to spend three weeks in a shop window with hundreds of poisonous spiders including redbacks, tarantula-like huntsmen and black house spiders. Like Australia isn't dangerous enough already. (Aol Weird News)

Allan Baillie was happily swimming laps at a pool in Australia when he was sucked down a pipe and spat out on a beach. A worker had accidentally opened a valve to drain the pool for cleaning. (Stuff) Cheers David… who will never look at a plug hole in the same way.

A man who crashed his car into a bank had an rather odd excuse -- he says the CIA was trying to have him killed with radiation guns because of his YouTube rants about the nation’s banking system (Naples News) Cheers Tim… who is wearing a foil hat to protect himself.

275x250.jpg Most new mobile phones do all sorts of clever things like shoot HD video, access the internet and work as a sat-nav, but not all… meet the un-smartphone.

Hailed as the world's simplest phone, the £67 "John's Phone" is a "basic backlash" targeting users who don't want to check their Twitter feed or update Facebook.

In fact, all this phone does is make and receive calls, nothing else. There's no colour screen and the face features simply the numbers and a "Hello" and "Bye" buttons.

Well that's not entirely true, users can access an address book and play games… but these are in a paper book which slots into the rear.

275x250.jpgA truck dealership in the US has launched an odd promotion to help sell more vehicles -- they're giving away a free AK-47 with the purchase of each used truck.

Nations Trucks in Florida has controversially announced they will give away a $400 gun-store voucher for every used truck they sell.

That's enough to get an AK-47 assault rifle, though they say the voucher can be used towards something else if you require a bit more firepower.

Reassuringly, buyers will still have to go through the usual application process and qualify under state and federal law before they get their gun.

While critics have, well criticised the offer bosses say most of their customers are already gun owners… well that's okay then.

275x250.jpgA video of a horse travelling in the back of a car along a US motorway has become an online hit -- well how could it not.

The odd footage was shot by the Potter family as they drove between Osage City and Topeka on the way to the supermarket.

Dad Rick says he'd spotted a mane of hair flowing from the window of a car and as he drove past took a closer look.

At that point he realised it belonged to a horse which was happily travelling in the back of the car on folded down seats.

As his family shouted "Smile, horsey!" the the horse turned around to look at them… presumably this distraction reduced the horsepower of the car.

275x250.jpgObese people could have put on more weight because they are better at sniffing out food, scientists have claimed.

Boffins say tests showed those with a higher Body Mass Index also have a heightened sense of smell when it comes to identifying food odours.

The team from the University of Portsmouth claim this ability to sniff out food could be directly linked to their weight gain.

Tests were conducted on 64 volunteers to assess their ability to smell food and non-food items before and after eating.

It was also found that people are generally better at smelling food after eating… and that the test should not have been conducted above a Greggs.

275x250.jpgAfter using 9,852 slices of toast to create a portrait of her mother-in-law for a 50th birthday present, Laura Hadland is at it again.

This time as a 'present' for her movie fan husband, artist Laura has created a Avatar Navi mosaic -- using 4,000 blu-ray discs.

Over several hours the discs of varying colours were placed on the floor to form the face of a Navi alien from the James Cameron blockbuster.

Laura then revealed the image to her husband, and as we haven't been told how impressed he was with it we're guessing it didn't go too well.

Actually, if you know Laura and have got a birthday coming up soon, you might want to ask her for a gift voucher… before she goes and buys 8,654 slices of bacon.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

When we heard James Blunt had personally prevented World War III, we assumed he'd sent trigger-happy world leaders a copy of his latest album and bored them to death. But it turns out he'd refused to carry out an order while serving as a soldier in the Balkans. (Mirror)

A truck dealership in the US has started using guns to sell more vehicles. No, they're not threatening would-be shoppers with a knee-capping if they don't buy… they're giving away a free AK-47 with every purchase. (WTSP) Thanks Tom… who got his gun and then demanded a discount.

Thirty years after China imposed a one-child policy to limit population growth, authorities in Shanghai are said to be considering a one-dog policy. (Aol Weird News)

A 12-year-old boy suspected of being a sadistic hitman who works for a drug cartel in Mexico has been arrested. It's thought the lad could be El Ponchis, a feared executioner and gunman. (NDTV) Cheer Amy… and you thought kids in Solihull were rough.

One minute spectators at a rodeo in Canada were enjoying watching the action and the next they had a 600-kilogram bull jumping over the barriers and at them. (CTV) (YouTube)

Overwhelmed with requests for exorcists, Roman Catholic bishops in the US are planning on running an exorcist training course where people will be taught to battle demonic possession. (Stuff) Cheers David… who was more than a little spooked by the news.

275x250.jpg A group of British space fans have successfully launched a paper plane into space and captured some amazing images in the process.

The trio of amateur space enthusiasts created an impressive paper aircraft with a 3ft wingspan and launched it using a helium balloon.

A small onboard camera then took a series of photos as it soared to 23 miles (90,000ft) above the earth and the balloon burst due to air pressure.

The plane then glided back down from the edge of sapce landing 100 miles from where it had been launched… and to think the best I've ever made have only gone eight metres.

275x250.jpgResearchers say they've finally discovered how cats lap up liquids elegantly and without getting wet. And it's more complex than you'd think.

Using high-speed cameras the boffins filmed cats tucking into a bowl of milk and analysed exactly what they did with their tongues.

It was found cats draw up liquid without breaking the surface by brushing smooth tip of the tongue along the surface before rapidly drawing it back up.

This causes a column of milk to form between the moving tongue and the liquid's surface allowing the cat to pinch off the top of the column and drink.

They then carefully lap at a rate of about four laps per second to maintain the balance of gravity and inertia and keep the liquid flowing… dogs just get their face in there and make a mess.

275x250.jpgAdverts for mobile phones with video-calling often focus on family members chatting to each other... but we all know they actually get used for phone sex.

And now research has proven this by finding that a quarter of camera phone users have used their video calling facility for steamy phone sex.

A poll of 1,230 also discovered 67 percent had taken a saucy snap of themselves with the phone and sent it to someone else.

However it doesn't always go to plan. 9% say they have accidentally sent a racy picture to a complete stranger -- not that they stayed that way for long.

Have you ever been left red-faced after sending a sexy photo to a stranger (or even worse someone you knew)? Let us know in the comments… though we can do without images.

275x250.jpg Some people like a big cup of coffee in the morning to wake them up. But not usually this big -- this is the world's biggest mug of java.

The 8 foot tall cup contains a massive 2,010 gallons of freshly brewed coffee - that's the same as 32,160 regular cups.

It took a team of people more than eight hours to brew all the coffee required, who were in turn powered by several cups of coffee.

The previous Guinness World Record for largest cup of coffee was set in 2007 at just 911.5 gallons… that's now a medium a Starbuck.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A cat has been caught smuggling 15 grams of heroin into a Russian prison for his incarcerated owner. Unfortunately the cat was greeted by prison guard dogs. (Moscow Times)

We enjoy a good sandwich as much as the next man, unless the next man is Miguel Soto. The 25-year-old was recently shot twice after visiting a deli -- but still went home to eat his lunch before going to the hospital. (AZCentral)

A photographer was forced to watch helplessly as £7,000 worth of camera equipment was destroyed during a crash at a drag race --luckily it was a remote camera and he wasn't standing behind it at the time. (YouTube)

A man who claims he was forced to cut off and eat his own beard after an argument with pals over a lawnmower says he is looking forward to justice being served when his former friends appear in court. (Asylum)

A US woman tried to assault a police officer with a sex toy after walking out of a restaurant without paying her bill. As you do. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgMen feel instantly relaxed and are less aggressive when they look at cooked red meat, scientists have claimed.

Boffins from  McGill University in Canada conducted a study involving 82 men and found looking at cooked red meat made them significantly less aggressive.

The researchers - thinking about historical competition between hunters - had initially expected seeing meat to prompt aggression between people.

But after using standard aggression measuring techniques they found that looking at images of cooked red meat had the opposite effect.

It's now though this calming effect could be traced back to early humans who would have been relaxed while eating in the company of family members… well they weren't trying to watch TV were they?

275x250.jpg A engineer with a passion for creating bonkers cars has built the world's smallest licensed car, measuring just 56 inches long and 26 inches wide.

That means Perry Watkins' minuscule motor is fully road legal in the UK and can be driven like any other car. Well almost.

He says the chassis came from a quad-bike and the body used to belong to a Postman Pat children's ride. After putting them together he was left with a car capable of doing 37mph.

However it's not too practical, other motorists might not spot you… and you'll never fit the shopping in the back.

Explosives experts were left red-faced when a 83m tower they were demolishing in the US fell in the wrong direction.

Not only that, but the falling tower even smashed into another building and hit power-lines leaving 4000 houses without electricity.

The Mad River Power Plant tower in Springfield, Ohio was meant to be falling to the east but instead came down the the south east.

It's thought a undetected crack in the tower caused the error which prompted media who were there to film the event running for safety.

Our favourite bit is at the end of the video, after screams of terror, and people running in all directions one guy calmly says "The blast went the wrong way."

275x250.jpgA third of men admit to telling lies on a first date, it has been revealed.

A study of 1,672 men discovered 32 percent have told a porky on a first date in a desperate bid to impress the woman they were with.

The most common lies revolve around their jobs, with blokes often exaggerating the seniority of their role, or even claiming they do something entirely different.

Other frequent fibs included reducing their number of previous relationships and not owning up to still living with their parents.

Men were also found to have a tendency to claim they own a better car than they actually drive… not that many women were still listening.

WNWDW: Ghost hunters plan Titanic mission

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A team of ghost hunters say they're planning to visit the spot where the Titanic sank in a bid to see if any of the victims of the accident are still haunting the wreckage. (Aol Weird News)

A paraplegic shopper tackled a thug and wrestled him to the ground after the man, who'd tried to use a fake $50 banknote at a US store, started threatening staff. (Asylum)

Police dash-cams are great, not only for aiding law enforcement but also  capturing odd events on video -- like this deer jumping over a police car in Knoxville. (WKRG) (YouTube)

A gang of boy racers have apparently broken into a Suffolk hospital to steal canisters of nitrous oxide laughing gas to use as ‘rocket fuel’ to boost their high-performance sports cars. (SWNS)

We don't know too much about this video, other than this is one of the greatest penalties ever scored and that the striker is probably still celebrating. (YouTube)

275x250.jpg A weird device is due to go on sale in Germany which looks like a motorised unicycle and is designed to drag or push rollerbladers along at high speeds.

The FlyRad is set to become the latest must-have for dare-devil rollerbladers and ice skaters who want to go a bit faster.

Going on sale next year it features a 500W electric motor and can propel users at up to 40km/hr whether sitting on it or being dragged behind.

Makers say the centrifugal force caused when travelling fast on the SkyRad can create the sensations of flying -- and we don't think they just mean when you fall off...

275x250.jpgMilitary bosses in the US say they don't know who fired a missile which was recently filmed by a news helicopter in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon said they've been unable to identify the origins of the 'mystery missile' which was spotted near Catalina Island on Monday.

While officials from the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) have confirmed there was no foreign military coastal launch - no-one can explain the sighting.

Some people insist it much be a rogue missile test while others claim it is an optical illusion or that the mysterious contrail could have been caused by a plane.

What do you think this footage shows? Let us know in the comments -- and there's bonus points for the most zany conspiracy theory.

275x250.jpg A species of grasshopper has been named as the animal with the world's largest testicles -- in relation to body weight, obviously.

Researchers at the University of Derby (who we assume had a good reason for investigating the topic) say the tuberous bushcricket has testicles which amount to 14% of its body mass.

The boffins claim this makes the record-breaking testicles bigger than any other animals and takes the title from the fruit fly (Drosophila bifurca) with 10.6%.

To put this into perspective the scientists say if the same was true for humans the average testicles would weight the same as six bags of sugar.

275x250.jpgThe perfect girlfriend has a high sex drive, enjoys a big hearty meal and can get ready to go out in under 10 minutes, a study of 3,000 bachelors has found.

Men say they would also like their dream woman to be sporty with 'perky breasts' and a 'pert bottom'.

Three quarters of blokes say their ideal woman would keep on top of her weight, but 89 percent also want her to be able to tuck into a big meal without worrying.

They'd also like her to have luscious long hair, be skinny, enjoy drinking wine and be confident enough to leave the house without a scrap of make-up.

If such a woman does exist, we guess it's also entirely plausible that her ideal man would be someone who spends his evenings compiling lists of what his dream woman would be like.

275x250.jpg A 69-year-old granny who became a hit in European nightclubs thanks to her DJing skills has now performed her first gig in the US.

Ruth Flowers, also known as 'Mamy Rock', now looks set to become a star in the US after playing to a crowd of over 3,000 adoring fans.

The OAP DJ says she first caught the DJ bug at a birthday disco for her grandson five years ago, and has been playing gigs across Europe ever since.

Flowers enjoys mixing techno with the likes of the Rolling Stones… and she must be the only DJ who can call them a nice bunch of young lads.

WNWDW: Sleepy cat blamed for starting fire

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A tired cat who liked to sleep on the top of a warm toaster oven -- to avoid a pet dog -- has been blamed for starting a fire in the US which caused $20,000 worth of damage. (Seattle Times)

Israeli designer Kobi Levi has created a line of outrageously funny footwear where shoes resemble odd items like a peeled banana or a dog. (Aol Weird News)

A robber who tried to hold up a New York store with a knife was foiled when the store owner picked up a trash bin and attacked him with it. (WSBT) (YouTube)

A man who robbed a takeaway driver on the streets of Glasgow and left him stranded was shocked when he returned home and found his victim in his house on the phone to police. (Asylum)

Ladybirds have invaded a village in Croatia where thousands of the yellow critters have covered all surfaces and are landing on people. (Croatian Times)

275x250.jpgAn ultra-loud alarm clock has gone on sale which should wake most people up -- because it rings at a massive 90 decibels.

That means the Amplicom TCL 200 is as loud as a lorry driving past your bed or someone blowing a Vuvuzela on your bedside table. At 6:30am.

Makers say the ear-splitting alarm clock is designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but could also be useful for incredibly deep sleepers.

If the noise isn't enough to wake you there are also bright flashing LEDs on the top, and if that won't do it, there's also a vibrating pad which can be tucked under your pillow.

All things considered this thing should wake you up… and probably your neighbours too. Even if they're dead.

275x250.jpg A US woman has become an internet hit after solving a puzzle on the Wheel of Fortune TV show... despite just one letter being revealed.

Caitlin Burke, 26, was appearing on the popular show when she was presented with a 27-letter prize puzzle, knowing only that one letter wan an "L".

But much to the shock of the host, she said she was going to take a guess… and then he was left flabbergasted when she got it right.

Burke had said she'd got a good feeling when she made the guess "I've Got A Good Feeling About This!" and  she was right to, she won a trip to the Caribbean and $9000.

275x250.jpgThe average curry-loving Brit will spend a massive £30,200 on Indian food in their lifetime, it has been claimed.

Researchers found the typical adult splashes out £9.60-a-head on the spicy stuff each week - including takeaways, ingredients and sauces.

That adds up to £483 every year -- or £30,200 over the average curry-eating lifetime.

It was also found Chicken Tikka Masala was the nation's favourite curry, followed by Chicken Jalfrezi and Chicken Madras, and that Brits cook one curry at home each week.

Slightly worrying was fact one-in-four people said curry is an aphrodisiac for them… if only because we know what eating one can do to us, but maybe that's the six bottles of Cobra.

A pillow fight recently broke out on US flight with dozens of passengers hurling their complimentary pillows at each other.

Luckily this video doesn't end with an armed air marshal standing up, but rather a bunch of frequent fliers having fun at 36,000ft.

The impromptu pillow throwing took place on Continental Flight CO1905 from Phoenix Airport to Washington State as an air stewardess handed them out.

Members of the influential FlyerTalkers frequent fliers forum started throwing the soft missiles up and down the aisle at each other and the stewardess.

One commenter said after the incident: "Pillow fights are more fun at 36,000 feet!" -- they made no comment about anything else.

WNWDW: Deer crashes through window of bar

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A deer smashed through the window of a US bar and knocked over tables and chairs before a quick-thinking employee opened a door to let it out. Well it wasn't going to order anything was it? (ABC Local) (YouTube)

Footatge of a 'ninja' hamster launching a vicious attack on a pair of Russian youths has become an internet hit. Seriously, how could it not? (Asylum)

A shopper at an adult bookstore in the US has got lucky… by buying the winning ticket for a $128.6 million Powerball jackpot at the shop which is more commonly associated with porn movies and sex toys. (Aol Weird News)

Dutch authorities are to distribute 30,000 marijuana-scented scratch cards -- in a bizarre bid to uncover illegal cannabis plantations. (BBC) Thanks Tom… it smells a bit dodgy to us too.

A woman says she was overcharged when buying fruit and vegetables at a supermarket… because the shop assistant serving her had her breasts resting on the scales. (BBC) Cheers Ellie… who has never been overcharged for her melons.

275x250.jpg A controversial restaurant which prides itself on serving unhealthy food has launched a new promotion where diners weighing over 25 stone eat for free.

Heart Attack Grill has for several years served massive death-defying burgers in a medically themed setting -- much to the annoyance of dieticians.

But now the people behind the Quadruple Bypass Burger (and lard fried chips) have gone one step further, by telling fatties weighting over 350lbs they can eat for free.

Just in case the move wasn't controversial enough founder "Dr Jon" suggests their meals are best enjoyed with a cold beer and a cigarette.

275x250.jpgAn odd charity single has been launched which music experts think it could reach number one in the charts -- despite being two minutes of silence.

The track "2 minute silence" is being released by The Royal British Legion on iTunes and contains no music or speaking at all.

A 'music' video has even been produced which features a host of celebrities including Thom Yorke, Andy Murray, David Tennant and Mark Ronson, all not singing.

Money raised from the £1 downloads of the single -- which each come witht he video -- will go towards furthering RBL work in supporting serving and ex-Service personnel.

It's hoped the silent single will be a poignant reminder of Remembrance Sunday… and not just make people think their iPod is broken when it comes up on shuffle.

275x250.jpg An artist and LEGO fan has created a remarkably accurate model of a frog dissection -- using nothing more than tiny bricks.

Teacher Dave Kaleta had been given the brief 'Lego anatomy' for a Lego building contest on the website

Kaleta initially planned on using the topic Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson, but after chatting with a fellow teacher he decided a frog dissection was a more universal experience.

He then spent seven hours over three days producing the impressive anatomically correct model… which despite consisting solely of LEGO bricks still makes us feel a little queasy.

275x250.jpgMore than three million British women have received medical attention or been rushed to hospital - because of their shoes, it's been found.

Researchers say one in ten females have gone to such extreme lengths to wear trendy shoes that they've ended up twisting their ankle or tearing a tendon.

Another third have fallen flat on their face as a result of their heels with many damaging their teeth and breaking their wrists.

The poll of 3,000 women found other injuries sustained in the name of fashion include broken ankles and twisted knees.

But despite this, six in ten girls said they'll grimace and continue to wear killer heels for the sake of fashion… and hope their wounds healed.

275x250.jpg Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy has completed yet another world first by performing an aerial loop whit his jet-propelled wing.

More commonly known as 'Jetman' Rossy previously shot to fame by flying over the Alps and trying to cross the English channel -- though that one left him in the water needing to be rescued.

In his latest endeavour the 51-year-old airline pilot was taken to an altitude of 2,400m by a hot air balloon before jumping out and firing up his jet-pack.

He then flew for a few minutes to stabilise his wings, before flying two aerial loops and parachuting back to Earth 18 minutes later… all while humming Rocketman by Elton John.

WNWDW: Earthquake doubled number of ghosts

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

Supernatural events in New Zealand have more than doubled since an earthquake in September paranormal investigators have claimed. (Stuff) Thanks David… who is more scared of ghosts since the earthquake.

There's not too much information about this video - but that's probably a good thing. It appears to show members of Japanese Coast Guard dancing on the front of a boat… while dressed as schoolgirls. (We Interrupt) (YouTube)

A pair of jockeys who were caught on TV brawling after a race have been punished by race bosses over their punch-up. Calvin Borel and Javier Castellano came to blows after a race in Kentucky on Friday. (Asylum)

An error on Google Maps is said to be the reason Nicaraguan troops accidentally invaded Costa Rica last week. Oops. (Stuff) Cheers again David… who once tried to start a war on Flickr.

A chimp who lost his hair to alopecia has become the star attraction at a zoo in India… because he looks like bronze statue of a human come to life, apparently. (Aol Weird News) Cheers Amy… who spent a bit too long looking.

275x250.jpgThe British Olympic sailing team have recruited a new teammate who they believe will help them secure gold… a peregrine falcon called Felix.

Team bosses decided to bring in the bird in a bid to keep away noisy seagulls which disrupt the athlete's sleep and training.

Seagulls squawking is said to have become a huge problem at the 2012 Olympic Games sailing venue in Dorset where the team train.

Squad members are constantly having their routines disturbed by the squawking waking them up at 5am.

Enter Felix, who now patrols the sky a couple of mornings per week… and had unsurprisingly put the the seagulls off the area.

275x250.jpgSure you can get bored on the drive to work, but it's dangerous to use your mobile at the same time… let alone also reading a book and Kindle.

A motorist in the US had been filmed driving at 60mph while reading a book, answering his mobile phone and fiddling with a Kindle.

In the video the cameraman can be heard commenting that the man is reading a book -- which he has lodged between the steering wheel and dash -- while driving.

Then, as they film him, he pulls out a Kindle eBook reader… quickly followed by a mobile phone. Causing them to burst out with laughter.

All of this means the driver must be the world's best multitasker or very stupid. Or quite possibly both.

275x250.jpg Space boffins at NASA say they're excited after successfully using a spacecraft to take an impressive series of images of a passing comet.

Pictures taken by the Deep Impact probe reveal comet Hartley 2 in unprecedented detail showing the peanut-shaped collection of rock and ice with jets of gas erupting from its ends.

Experts say that at one point the spacecraft was only about 700 kilometers (435 miles) from the comet, which is 2.2km long comet and weighs 280m metric tons.

To out that into perspective this all happened 23 million miles away from Earth -- meaning it would have been a long way back if they'd forgotten the memory car.

275x250.jpgThey're slightly more macabre than the typical teddy bear, but a range of 'roadkill' soft toys are expected to be a Christmas hit.

Created by designer Adam Arber the toys look like animals which have been run over -- complete with plush blood and guts.

Currently there are three squashed-looking gruesome characters, Twitch the Racoon, Grind the Rabbit and Splodge the Hedgehog.

All come with a body bag and an identity tag and their insides can be pulled out and then packed back inside.

Makers say they make perfect gifts for sociopaths… and could be ideal for traumatising your little one on Christmas morning, though they suggest not gifting them to under 14s.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

An unfortunate holidaymaker was devoured by a pride of lions as he took an outdoor shower at a safari camp in Zimbabwe. (Vancouver Sun)

Around 150 sheep, goats and cows tried to make a bid for freedom after escaping from a New York slaughterhouse. Police eventually rounded up the animals as they ran around nearby streets. (WCAX)

If a dog bites a man it's not news, but if a dog goes fishing and catches a salmon you've got a story... or you have if you work for a US TV news station. (KRQE) (YouTube)

A film-maker has raided his toy box to create a video in which he superimposes ionic London landmarks with LEGO replacements which he holds in front of the camera. (Metro) (Vimeo)

Bosses at an aquarium in Germany have revealed the replacement for Paul the psychic octopus. It's not yet know if this cephalopod has the same abilities. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpg A British artist has created an amazing underwater sculpture museum in Mexico which consists of 400 statues of real people.

The underwater installation forms a new artificial reef at Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park and will become home for a variety of creatures.

Jason deCaires Taylor says it demonstrates the interaction between art and environmental science and special materials were used to promote coral life.

The 36-year-old from Kent used "life casts" to create the erie figures in 'The Silent Evolution Underwater Art Museum' which sit 10m underwater… and will scare the life out of any unsuspecting divers.

275x250.jpgSpanish surrealist Salvador Dali's moustache has been named the best 'Tash of all time -- and it's hard to disagree.

The artist's rather striking tache came top of a poll beating wrestling star Hulk Hogan's trademark handlebar into second place.

A poll of 14,000 men had been  conducted by MSN Him to promote Movember - a charity which sees men raise money by growing a tache in November.

Albert Einstein's facial hair came in third place followed by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's bushy upper lip growth.

Charlie Chaplin's iconic moustache completed the top five… though if you grown one people probably won't think that's who you are copying.

275x250.jpg This video shows is what it's like to ride Formula Rossa, the world's new fastest roller-coaster which reaches 240kmph. Guess what, it's fast, very fast.

The attraction, which will open shortly at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, was designed to replicate the sensation of driving a Formula 1 car.

Riders are forced to wear goggles to protect their eyes as they are propelled around the twists, turns, ups and downs of the track.

Thrill seekers will accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just two seconds and experience  a force of 1.7 G's… and instantly have about as much chance of winning the F1 championship this year as Jenson Button.

275x250.jpgThe average British bloke looks like Peter Kay… but thinks he most resembles David Beckham, it has been found.

The TV funnyman was revealed as the typical man in the street's celebrity look-a-like by an iPhone app which measures facial contours before telling users which star they most resemble.

Using stats from over 27,000 downloads it was also said that more UK women look like Charlotte Church than any other female celeb.

David Cameron, Richard Hammond and Chris Moyles also emerged as top male celeb-a-likes while for women it was Kate Garraway and Cheryl Fergiso.

However, a poll of 3,000 revealed the majority of deluded blokes believe they share David Beckham's good looks... they also think they can play football like him.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A news website has made an apology after publishing an error of epic proportions -- they incorrectly stated the Star Trek starship USS Enterprise-E was the successor to Captain Kirk's original USS Enterprise. (

A firm which specialises in all things bacon -- yes such a company exists -- has now introduced a drink which is flavoured to taste like the meat. (Aol Weird News)

A contestant on the TV game-show Catch 21 was left red-faced when she tried to show off a talent and ended up revealing a lot more. As she lifted her leg to display her flexibility, her top popped open Carry-On style revealing her breasts. (YouTube)

You know those boring conversations about the weather you have with strangers at the bus-stop? Well imagine if they were about weather like this. (Asylum)

A protective plastic case has gone on sale for doughnut fans who want to ensure their sugary treats remain in perfect condition on the way to the office. (Geekosystem)

275x250.jpg A German artist yesterday set sail on the Thames, in an origami paper boat which he'd folded on the river bank.

Frank Bölter had created the boat -- named To The World's End -- with the help of members of the public as part of the Drift10 art exhibition.

After carefully folding the giant sheets of paper, which were reinforced with lightweight metal poles he jumped in and sailed in the Canary Wharf docks.

It's not known exactly how long he lasted, but he expected to sail for long enough to warrant taking a newspaper… unless he planned to use that as an emergency escape vessel.

A footballer was booed by fans after picked up a pitch-invading duck and callously hurling it over the advertising boards.

The bizarre incident happened during a Belgian First Division match when Zulte-Waregem's Mahamadou Habib Habibou spotted the stray bird.

After a goal-keeper tried and failed to contain the duck, Habibou ran into action chasing the bird briefly, before grabbing it by the neck.

But while fans had cheered the chase, they soon turned on Habibou -- when the player hurled the duck over advertising hoarding and into the ground.

While the duck appeared to waddle off uninjured the footballer has been dubbed the "Cat bin lady" of Belgian football. 

275x250.jpgEngineering boffins claim they have created the first car ever to have its entire body made by a 3D printer.

The Urbee is an electric hybrid prototype which will be produced using a additive manufacturing processes rather than traditional manufacturing.

Makers Stratasys and Kor Ecologic say the two-seater will do more than 200 miles per gallon on the motorway and 100 miles per gallon in the city.

But it's the manufacturing process which is most interesting - all exterior components were created using Dimension 3D Printers which deposit droplets of a polymer which fuse together.

This potentially means never having to go to the garage to have a bump knock out… just print yourself a new door and off you go.

275x250.jpg A gardener who prides himself on growing boot-iful looking vegetables says he was shocked to discover a foot-shaped carrot in his allotment.

Stuart Boulton was harvesting his crop in Darlington when he noticed one of his carrots was oddly shaped, after clearing the soil from it he realised what it looked like.

With five knobbly ends growing off the main body the carrot looks just like a foot - albeit a slightly deformed and bright orange one.

Stuart then did what any proud gardener would, he posed for a picture with the carrot foot and made a soup with the it… he insists it didn't taste in the slightest bit sweaty.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A US university has announced it will be running a course based on Lady Gaga. 'Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame' will look at the pop star "as a social event". (Aol Weird News)

An actor filming a scene where he played a masked gunman has been shot dead in the Philippines -- after he was mistaken for a real assassin. (Yahoo) Cheers Alex… who is now standing closer to the camera.

A Colombian bullfighter was forced to finish a recent fight wearing a pair of floral swimming shorts after this trousers were ripped by the bull and his bottom was revealed. (Asylum)

US teenager Dan Depaolis was suspended from school for two days after turning up for a 'medieval day' dressed as a knight and riding a horse. And there he was thinking he would get a prize for his efforts. (Daily Mail) (YouTube)

A man in China has had a chopstick removed from his stomach -- 28 years after swallowing it. The 50-year-old says he thought he'd completely digested the chopstick, until he started having stomach problems. (Telegraph) Thanks David… remember to chew before you swallow.
275x250.jpg An artist has created a file-sharing network with a difference -- it consists of USB sticks stuck into walls around New York.

Aram Bartholl says his 'Dead Drops' project allows people to share whatever files they want and discover what other people have uploaded.

At present there are five USB flash drives - each containing a document explaining the project - which have been embedded into cracks in walls across the city, though more are planned.

The idea is that people simply walk up to them with their laptop and plug it in… meaning there's now yet another way to pick up a dodgy virus on the streets of New York.

275x250.jpgSpanish women are more likely than those in any other country to initiate contact with a man online to flirt with him, it has been found

A recent study of online behaviour looked at the way in which women around the world made contact with men on the web.

It was found that Spanish women topped the resulting 'World Flirtation League' by initiating making contact with more men than those anywhere else.

The average Spanish woman initiates 1.33 contacts with a man per month – almost double the figure for women in either the UK (0.78) and more than double that for women in the U.S. (0.63).

Poland came second in the list followed by theDominican Republic, Italy and Argentina. Women from the UK came in 14th and those from the US ranked 19th.

275x250.jpgA police marksman is being investigated after allegedly inserting song lyrics into evidence at the inquest of a lawyer who was shot dead.

The officer, known only as AZ8, had given evidence into the death of Mark Saunders, who was shot by police marksmen following an armed stand-off in London.

But while a jury recently ruled Saunders had been killed lawfully, the Metropolitan police firearms officer is now at the centre of a investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

It is alleged that, while giving evidence under oath, he deliberately inserted song titles into his verbal testimony.

He has currently been removed from operational firearms duty… at which point he probably started humming Put Your Gun Away by Ms. Dynamite.

TV news broadcasts are normally slick, uber-professional affairs… but not always, as this blunder-filled minute of disastrous television proves.

The clip from Channel 10 in San Diego has become an online hit for packing so many gaffes into a short space during a live broadcast.

The 11am newscast begins with a shot of a weather-girl caught unaware, before panning to hosts who promptly bungle their lines as the introduce a news item.

After cutting to the outside link, there's an uncomfortably long pause before the reporter starts talking and the cameraman seems to get distracted by a pensioner on a mobility scooter.

In fact it's all so blunderful, we can't help but question whether it's fake… though we really hope it's not, because it almost makes us look competent.

275x250.jpgPostal workers will no longer be putting letters through the door of a Portsmouth family… because their pussy is evil. Maybe.

Royal Mail bosses claim Lana - a tortoiseshell coloured cat - has been attacking local postmen with vicious claw-swiping assaults.

A formal letter sent to owners Carl and Carol White, asked them to keep Lana away from the front door, or face a ban on deliveries to their home.

The problem started several weeks ago when a postman slotted a pile of letters into their letterbox and Lana scratched him - leaving him bleeding for two hours.

As a result the scared postman now knocks the door each morning to hand over the post in safety… what a pussy.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A weatherman who was celebrating Halloween by throwing pumpkins to polar bears on live TV was left lost for words (quite literally) when he accidentally hurled his microphone in to zoo enclosure. (Toronto Life) (YouTube)

A massive 40m wide and 20m deep hole has opened up in the middle of a German housing estate swallowing one car and leaving others precariously balanced. (BBC) Cheers Amy... who emailed us from the bottom of a hole.

We don't know which is most bizarre, the fact an 11-year-old boy has been given a detention for farting on a school bus -- or that the flatulence-detention incident made the local TV news. (Asylum)

A group of hard-up students in the Czech Republic have launched a nude cleaning agency saying "Nobody likes cleaning and everyone likes to look at a good body." (Metro)

A man who stayed awake for 40 days says he has set a new world record though Guinness World Records say they won't recognise his stunt because it's so dangerous. (Aol Weird News)

275x250.jpgIt's been a sporting challenge since the 19th century, but French coastguards now want to ban people from swimming the English Channel.

They claim the 21-mile swim from Dover to Calais has become increasingly dangerous as more vessels use the busy shipping route.

It's also said there's been a dramatic increase in the number of people trying the challenge since it was completed for charity by comedian David Walliams.

French Coastguards claim this means accidents are now far more likely and that all attempts should be banned on safety grounds.

However, British channel swimming associations argue their crossings are safe and well organised… in fact you could say they go swimmingly.

275x250.jpgA bug in the iPhone operating system meant thousands of people were late for work today -- when their alarm clock went off an hour late.

While Apple iPhone 4 users saw their gadget automatically update when the clocks went back at the weekend, an apparent bug meant this did not synchronise with alarms.

As a result, people all across Europe who rely on their phone as an recurring alarm clock, found themselves waking up an hour later than expected.

Twitter was flooded with messages from disgruntled iPhone owners who'd had an unexpected lie-in.

iPhone users are now being advised to delete all recurring alarms and creating new alarm alerts… or just keep turning up late and using the same excuse.

275x250.jpg One of the world's most technically advanced humanoid robots has celebrated it's 10th birthday… with a giant cake it can't eat.

Makers Honda say they started research into humanoid robotics 25-years-ago but that it was only on 31st October 2000 ASIMO was created.

Since then the iconic robot has stayed at the cutting edge of technological developments and learnt how to run and walk on uneven slopes and surfaces and even climb stairs.

Hopefully the developments won't end in a robot uprising and the ultimate end of humanity… just in case I say we get ASIMO whatever he want's for his 11th birthday.

275x250.jpgSocial networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are killing off good old fashioned 'people skills', it has been claimed.

Researchers found sites which encourage 'limited character' sentences are affecting peoples' confidence in holding face-to-face conversations.

They're also blamed for many of us losing the ability to use 'body language' to convey thoughts or feelings and a growing reluctance to chat to strangers.

Four out of ten surveyed claimed the social networks had a negative impact on their personal social skills.

In odd news, the researchers didn't note the number of potential respondents who simply grunted at them in the street and carried on walking as they fiddled with Twitter on their iPhone.

275x250.jpgWeird News We Didn't Write: Our daily roundup of the best odd news stories from elsewhere on the web.

A Romanian man who had his arm ripped off by heavy machinery stunned doctors by calmly walking into a hospital with his missing limb in a plastic bag and asking them to reattach it. (Austrian Times)

A blind cricket commentator is said to be so good at judging exactly what is happening on the field from the sounds he hears that many radio listeners do not even know he is blind. (Telegraph) Cheers David… Howzat!

Researchers claim moon photos show signs of alien life and that NASA have covered up their finding the remains of an ancient lunar civilisation. (Aol Weird News)

An elderly woman caused four accidents on her way to the dentist as she drove at 50mph on the wrong side of a busy road. (Daily Mail)

Actor Zach Galifianakis left US TV viewers of Real Time With Bill Maher shocked when he started smoking a joint on the political chat show... while talking about the upcoming vote for marijuana legalisation. (Asylum)

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