No s**t: Tubeless toilet paper set to go on sale

275x250.jpgToilet roll makers say they're set to revolutionise your bathroom... with the launch of the world's first tubeless rolls of toilet paper.

The firm behind Andrex have announced what it says is the world’s first toilet paper roll without a tube -- will go on sale in the US.

It's claimed doing away with the cardboard tube -- which has been the central fixture of rolled toilet paper for more than 100 years -- will massively reduce paper waste.

But the manufacturer claims the move has not been as simple as it sounds and they've had to develop a revolutionary way of winding the paper around itself.

While we applaud the environmental benefits this will have, we can't help but think glow in the dark loo roll was more impressive. And don't get us started on loo roll books.
A spokesperson for Kimberly-Clark, said: "By eliminating the tube, we are making it easy for consumers to help tangibly improve the environment, without compromising on product quality or performance.

"We know that it all adds up, and we’re helping our consumers make a positive impact."

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