World's largest gummy worm goes on sale online

275x250.jpgA gummy worm 128 times bigger than the usual sweet, measuring 26 inches long and packing 4,000 calories has gone on sale online.

The mega-sweet is identical to the two-tone ones you enjoyed as a child, but everything about it is bigger, including the £18 price.

With an impressive 5-inch girth the ribbed sweet contains 46 cubic inches of candy - that's the same as 128 regular gummy worms or 840 regular gummy bears.

The monster worm comes in a variety of flavours from pineapple and cherry to lemon and orange and each one contains almost double the recommended daily calorie intake.

Even makers of the world's largest Gummy worm agree it's not that healthy and don't advise eating it one sitting… though they do suggest carving it like a Christmas turkey. 
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for - which sells the sweet online said: "We're not going to sugarcoat this: The World's Largest Gummy Worm is not very good for you—unless you suffer from a disease whose only cure is three pounds of delectable gummy.

"There are two distinct methods of WLGW consumption. The eat-with-your-hands method, or the carve-it-like-a-turkey method.

"Which method you employ depends on your mood and how highfalutin you're feeling. If you're hosting visiting royalty, we suggest your finest silver platter and sharpest carving knife."

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