Art works created which smell just like the moon

275x250.jpg Space lovers have been given the chance to take one small scent for man - by buying 'scratch-and-sniff' art which smells like the MOON.

The off-beat art works allow owners take a giant sniff for mankind by having a lasting whiff of the Moon in their house.

Boffins created the prints by working with Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, who said the moon dust-residue which attached to his space suit smelt 'like spent gunpowder'.  

Flavourist Steven Pearce took this description along with scientific reports of the make-up of the moon's surface, to produce the correct whiff. And it's not like you'll know if he got it wrong.

After converting the scent in a laboratory into an ink this was used by Edinburgh Printmakers to produce 300 limited edition print which range in price from £35 to £270.

Sue Corke, apprentice printer at Edinburgh Printmakers, said: "We were kicking around ideas when we remembered reading an article on the NASA website where we really liked some of the descriptions the astronauts gave about what the moon smelled liked.

275x250.jpg "Smell is one of the strongest impulses of how we remember a place, and when the dust gets on the astronauts' suits it is then produced when they get back in the spaceship.

"It is described as a 'gunpowder' kind of smell, and as a lot of astronauts would have to train by firing and handling guns, we think that's a fairly reliable description.

"The opportunity came up to produce a 'scratch-and-sniff' print, so we did some research to find a research chemist, who managed to speak to Charlie Duke.

"It was his description and their research which was used the synthesise the smell."

Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke was the tenth man to walk on the surface of the Moon when he went into space in 1972.

Edinburgh Printmakers   
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