Meerkats celebrate Halloween with pumpkins

Zoo keepers at Chessington World of Adventures have given a group of meerkats a pile of pumpkins - to get then in the mood for Halloween.

The pumpkins are just one of the tricks zoo-keepers use to treat the animals as part of their enrichment programme.

While the meerkats normally eat mealworms and crickets, they also enjoy fruit and vegetable so will munch their way through the smaller squashes,

However, they're currently enjoying taking it in turn to stand on top of the giant Sumo pumpkin, because it's the highest point in their enclosure.

Phew, and to think we got through all of that without saying 'Simples!' once, D'oh.
275x250.jpg Meerkat keeper, Jo Everson, said: "They really seem to love climbing on the pumpkins. They'll probably eat the small ones but that Sumo will take some munching!  

"They love to eat mealworms and crickets but they eat fruit and vegetables too - it's great to find seasonal produce for them, especially when it gives their enclosure such a festive look."

Chessington World of Adventures   
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