Marmite unveils £15k 'Monumite' stone sculpture

A bizarre £15,000 stone sculpture of a giant Marmite jar has been unveiled in Staffordshire to celebrate the famous yeast spread.

Dubbed 'Monumite' and carved from Portland Stone, the Marmite shrine is positioned in the heart of Burton on Trent, overlooking the river.

A spokesperson said this is because Burton is Marmite’s spiritual home and a town which has been closely associated with the brewing industry for many centuries.

They now hope the odd sculpture will encourage fans of the love it or hate it salty spread to "congregate and worship" at the site.

Just one problem… where are those who make the "pilgrimage" meant to cook their toast?
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Marmite said: "We think the final sculpture perfectly represents and celebrates our long-standing relationship with Burton and the local area.

"We hope Marmite fans up and down the county enjoy this new addition to the British cultural landscape."

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