Top 10 strangest takeaway order destinations

When ordering a takeaway, most people have it delivered to their home, but not everyone, as this list of odd takeaway order destinations proves.

A takeaway ordering website has analysed their sales data to discover the strangest places people wanted their food delivering.

Bizarrely it was found previous orders had been delivered a sites including a swimming pool, a roundabout... and a graveyard.

Other strange delivery destinations included a garden centre, a library and the ship HMS Victory.

And some brave people even dared to order a takeaway to a slimming organisation and personal favorite a gym.

Top 10 odd takeaway order destinations
1.  A graveyard, North London
2.  A roundabout, Birmingham
3.  Dentist surgery, East London
4.  The Ritz, London
5.  A gym, Liverpool
6.  Slimming organisation, Nottingham
7.  University Library, Manchester
8.  Bristol airport
9.  HMS Victory, Southampton
10. Lido (outdoor swimming pool), South London

Graeme Horne, of, said: "This research certainly brought a smile to my face. I must admit, I always fancy a takeaway when I leave the gym - but I've never been brave enough to have one delivered there!

"I was shocked at some of the locations that people have ordered a takeaway to. I suppose it could be put down to people not having any menus handy at work, so searching online.

"Delivery is always an easier alternative to venturing to the shops, especially late at night when most of these experiences seem to have happened!"

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