World's most disgusting meals get photographed

275x250.jpg A UK based photographer has spent three years touring the world in a bid to find some of the most disgusting meals ever prepared.

And if dishes like stir-fried Tarantula and deep-fred frog are anything to go by, it looks like he has more than succeeded.

Neil Setchfield has now complied the results of his gastronomic horror world tour into a book which is considerably more gruesome than most cook books.

Highlights of this 'extreme global cuisine' include delicacies such as crispy Dragonflies on a stick (above) and Frog porridge.
275x250.jpg Other favourites include Roast Sparrow (left), from Cambodia and Balut (boiled duck embryo) which is enjoyed in the Philippines and  are considered to be at their best at 17 days old, before the bones have developed.

YUCK! is divided into chapters on everything from bugs and sea creatures to mammals, reptiles and birds and covers dishes from as far afield as the Philippines, Peru and Australia.

Speaking of the foods Setchfield said: "One of the aims of this book is to demonstrate that, when it comes to food, palatability is highly subjective.

"My hope is that anyone who looks at these photographs will come away with a more enlightened idea of what constitutes food, and will think twice before getting on their high horse (still eaten in France, by the way) about what others see as a tasty snack."

All images are taken from Yuck! The Things People Eat by Neil Setchfield (Merrell £9.95)

Yuck! The Things People Eat

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