Purple potatoes on sale -- make odd-looking chips

275x250.jpg A healthy (and very purple) variety of potato has gone on sale in UK supermarkets and is set to make your dinner look decidedly different.

Purple Majesty potatoes are said to contains up to 10 times the level of antioxidant, anthocyanins compared to the traditional pale variety.

They were developed at Colorado State University and after being grown in Scotland have today gone on sale in 100 Sainsbury’s stores.

Growers claim the odd spuds taste just like normal potatoes, are more appealing to children and can be mashed, roasted or made into chips… like kids need another reason to eat chips.
275x250.jpg Farmers are keen to stress the purple spuds are not genetically modified, a spokesperson for firm Albert Bartlett said: "Potatoes originate in the high reaches of the Andes.

"There are thousands of naturally occurring varieties of potatoes with many having developed deep red and purple colours.

"Purple Majesty is a naturally occurring variation crossed from these original potatoes."

The Purple Majesty potatoes will cost £1.50 for 1.25 kg, that's around 50% more than the better known Maris Piper variety.

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