Boffins search for alien life in Earth atmosphere

A team of British scientists will this week begin their search for alien life in the Earth's atmosphere.

Boffins from Cranfield University plan to launch a ballon from Sweden which will carry an array of scientific instruments 20 miles into the sky.

There it will spend five hours collecting samples, hopefully including examples of microscopic alien life -- or non-Earth bacteria and micro-organisms, as the CASS.E researchers call them.

The extreme conditions of the atmosphere, a near vacuum with extreme radiation and freezing -90C temperatures mean that if life can survive there, it would be more likely to also exist on other planets.

It's claimed such a find would also suggest life on Earth originated from somewhere else and arrived on the back of a wayward asteroid… meaning aliens are already here, you.
A spokesperson for the study said: "Our aim is to design, assemble and fly an experiment that is capable of collecting microorganisms in the Earth’s Stratosphere where the balloon will float for two to five hours.

"As it is near Space, it is an environment which will reach temperatures as low as minus 90ºc and have an atmospheric pressure that is 100 times less than on the ground – almost a vacuum."

Cranfield University  
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