Flame-thrower bike with ejector seat unveiled

275x250.jpg For cyclists who are fed up of feeling the squeeze from other traffic, this could be the ultimate bike -- it's got a flame-thrower built into the handlebars.

But that's not all, the BOND (Built of Notorious Deterrents) Bike also features an ejector seat which can be activated if the bike is stolen.

Created by ilovemybike.co.uk after they quizzed cyclists about what makes them angry there's also a caterpillar track for smooth riding over pot-holed roads.

As far as we can see there is only one problem with the bike… it's not going to be available to buy.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for ilovemybike.co.uk said the only working version of the bike was going to go on show at the Cycle Show at Earls Court next month, and there are no plans to sell it.

"Wannabe James Bonds will be disappointed to hear that we have no plans to sell the BOND Bike," he said

"It shouldn't be necessary for cyclists to resort to flame-throwers to get a little consideration on the roads."

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