Man called 999 because of a cat in his kitchen

Police have slammed the behaviour of a man who called 999 -- to report there was a cat in his kitchen.

Flabbergasted emergency staff say they even asked the man to repeat himself during the call, because they couldn't believe anyone was so stupid.

But he was that dim, repeating shouting "Cat, cat, cat!" and then asking them to send officers to get the kitty out of his house.

At one point the heavily accented man shouted: "I need to sleep. It's in my, my home." He was then politely advised to pick up the cat and remove it himself

The call has been released by Gloucestershire Police to highlight the problem of people misusing 999… and worryingly they said he wasn't the worst.
Other odd calls made to Gloucestershire Police

  • A teenager called police saying that his parents had re-decorated his room and he did not like it.
  • A woman from near Gloucester called to say she was annoyed about her neighbours playing loud music.
  • A taxi driver called complaining that he had not been paid his fare.
  • Several people accidentally dialled 999 from their pocket because their mobile phones were not locked.
Control Room Inspector Andy Poole said: “With over four and a half thousand such calls this year alone for Gloucestershire Police, the delay this is causing in getting the emergency services to real incidents is self-apparent.

"Quite often 999 calls are not malicious, but are down to a lack of knowledge of how to get hold of the emergency services routinely. The 999 system is for emergencies only."

Gloucestershire Police     
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