Hero pilot lands plane with stuck landing gear

A pilot has been branded a hero after somehow managing to land a plane safely despite one of the three landing gear wheels being stuck.

The Delta Airlines flight 4951 had been arriving at JKF airport in New York when the pilot noticed one of the landing wheels had failed to come down.

But after speaking on the radio to air traffic control, he managed to land the CRJ 900 twin-engine jet by balancing on two wheels before scraping a wing to come to a stop.

Footage shot by one of the 64 passengers flying from Atlanta shows sparks flying from the wing - which was full of fuel - as it dragged against the ground.

While it normally annoys us when clap-happy Americans applaud something like a movie ending or a pilot landing a plane… we think we will let them off on this occasion.
Passengers (who are probably still hearing cries of "Heads down, stay down") were quickly evacuated from the plane via the main door and taken  into the terminal where they were checked over.

Federal Aviation Administration   
Delta Airlines      

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