Dog poo used as a fuel to power park lighting

There's now yet another good reason for dog owners to clean up after their pets -- their waste can be used to create energy.

A dog park in Massachusetts has revealed an ingenious system which uses dog poo to create energy to power a streetlamp.

Dog owners simply clear up after their dog and dump the waste into a steel oil tank on the edge of the park in a bio-degradable bag.

The then spin a wheel to 'stir things up' and generate burnable methane from the bacteria, which is then fed to gaslight street lamp above.

Oddly the idea did not come from an engineer but from artist Matthew Mazzott… though we dread to think what Tracey Emin would have suggested do with the poo.
275x250.jpg The Park Spark Project is funded through Massachusetts Institute for Technology, and in partnership with the City of Cambridge.

But Mazzotta argues this is much more than just the technology of turning dog waste into energy and says it's about taking something toxic and and a pollutant and transforming it into a new social space.

Speaking to Newslite he said: "Since dog parks already have lights, this project is about trying to expand what our neighborhood can be like a public teahouse that makes tea from locally ground plants, or a light for a projector that reveals something about the place we live.

"Anywhere people are walking dogs can be a source of heat and light by introducing a Methane Digester into the equation.

"As long as people are walking dogs and throwing away dog poo, a flame can burn."

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