Jeans are best value for money clothing item

Women get better value for money from pairs of jeans than any other item of clothing and they cost on average just 9p per wear, a study has found.

Experts studied every item of an average woman's wardrobe and found that the cost-per-wear ratio for a pair of denims was lower than that of any other piece of regularly worn clothing.

They concluded that the typical pair of jeans, which cost around £40, are worn around 428 times before they are thrown out - which works out as just nine pence every time they are worn.

By comparison, a pair of leggings, which cost an average of just £9.97, will only be worn 68 times before being binned - which averages 15p per wear.

The odd news will no doubt be popular with women who can now buy a new outfit and legitimately claim when asked if it is new, "It only cost 78p".
The study of 3,000 Brits also revealed an average t-shirt or top will be worn a total of 218 times over its two-and-a-half year lifetime - working out to around 10p per wear.

Jumpers which cost an average of £25.12 will be worn 228 times before being replaced after three years and three months, which means a cost of 11p for each time it is worn.

Trousers will be worn 176 times, giving it a value of 14p for each wear, while bras come out of the drawer 162 times, working out at 11p a time.

A £55.05 coat or jacket worn 575 times works out as 10p for each time it is donned, and pants worn 100 times cost an average of 7p per wear.

The stats emerged from a report carried out by London's Science Museum to support its 'Trash Fashion: designing out waste' exhibition.

Dominique Driver, Trash Fashion Exhibition Manager, said: "Jeans might seem expensive, but it seems they actually give you the best value over time so they are worth every penny.

"The fact that leggings have the highest cost per wear is indicative of the throw-away fashion culture in Britain today, which is causing more than a million tonnes of textiles to end up in landfill each year."

London's Science Museum       
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