22 minutes: How long in-car rows take to start

275x250.jpgThe average in-car argument starts just 22 minutes into a journey and is about getting lost or finding somewhere to park, it has been found.

Research suggests many couples argue more while in a car together than anywhere else, and that these fights can be more aggressive than most.

The study of 3,000 motorists found 71% of people have argued with their partner while driving, often about the daftest of things.

Getting lost is the most common cause for a fight as experienced by 44% of people, followed by arguing about where to park (37%) and driving too fast (34%)

Other common complaints include backseat driving, having the heating too high or the air-conditioning too low… amazingly ogling a scantily-clad pedestrian wasn't on the list.
52% motorists admit to spending the remainder of their journey sitting in silence following a row and 20% claim they have pulled the car onto the kerb and refused to drive any further until their partner got out of the car.

A similar percentage even say things have sometimes been so fraught that they’ve chosen to get out of the car and walk home after a mid-trip slanging match.

Common driving arguments
Directions / getting lost (44%)
Where to park (37%)
Driving too quickly (34%)
Driving too close to other cars (24%)
Backseat driving (20%)
Music / radio station choice (20%)
Aggressive driving / road rage (17%)
Taking corners too quickly (15%)
Heating too high (15%)
Air-conditioning too low (14%)
A spokesperson for SEAT, which commissioned the study, said: "Many journeys can be stressful if you get caught up in traffic or can’t find your way.
"But it seems much of the stress is caused by our own partner when we are behind the wheel. If something about your partner’s driving annoys you, it can be hard to bite your lip.
"However, as a passenger, you really should do just that. An agitated driver is much more likely to lose concentration and have a prang. And then you’ll really have something to argue about!"
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