Black and white twins enjoy first day at school

275x250.jpgA pair of sisters who astounded doctors when they were born as black and white twins, have started their first day at school.

Marcia and Millie Biggs were near impossible to tell apart when they were first born in July 2006... but their incredible difference soon became apparent.

Amanda and the twins father Michael had been together 10 years when they conceived the girls through IVF treatment.

Marcia has inherited her mother's fair complexion and golden brown hair, while Millie takes after dad Michael, who is of Jamaican origin, with her tight dark curls and brown skin.

With Millie and Marcia now in their uniforms for the first time - they're one pair of twins who teachers shouldn't struggle to tell apart.
275x250.jpg The four-year-old sisters yesterday started at Osborne Junior and Infant School, in Birmingham, and mom Amanda, 42, says people still can't believe the pair are twin sisters.

Amanda said: "When they were growing up Millie was more timid and clingy and if anyone came to say hello she would take a while to say anything, but over the last couple of years she has come out of her shell a bit.

"Marcia is a bit bossier and is a bit more outgoing - she's a cheeky little monkey.

"Everybody is always amazed by how beautiful they have both become, and people still just can't believe they're related, let alone sisters.

"I still get the same puzzled looks and questions just like I did three years ago."

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