Police reveal ghost, UFO and fairy phone-calls

275x250.jpgA police force has revealed a catalogue of more than 150 supernatural and paranormal cases which have been reported to them in recent years.

Details of investigations involving ghosts, UFO's, aliens and fairies were released by Devon and Cornwall Police after a Freedom of Information request.

In some examples people have called the police force to deal with spooks in their houses, or even to a field infested with fairies.

However, most of the paranormal reports revolve around UFO sighting, and peaked in 1996 when a variety of strangely shaped spaceships were spotted.

In odd news the 1996 peak also coincided with the release of the movie Independence Day and the popularity of the X Files on TV.
Other odd examples reported to Devon and Cornwall Police  include someone who said they had encounters abusive aliens in a field and another who claimed to be one.

Devon and Cornwall Police     
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