57-hour football match played in longest game bid

275x250.jpgThey say football's a game of two halves. Unfortunately for these tired looking players those halves were a little longer than usual.

In fact, the players were competing in what was to become the longest football match ever played -- lasting a total of 57 hours.

The game between the Leeds Badgers and the Warwick Wolves had been arranged to set the world record and raise money for charity The Meningitis Trust.

While players started with vigour, by the end on Sunday evening - after only being allowed to rest for five minutes per hour - most looked shattered.

Goalkeepers looked particularly tired... though with a final score of 425 - 354 to the Badgers, they'd spent quite a while time picking the ball out from the back of the net.
During the game one player was taken to hospital with a suspected broken foot, but after getting the all clear returned to play for 10 hours.

Event organiser Simon Lynes, 25, said: "It was tough on the Saturday night and the temptation was there to stop once we broke the existing record of 42 hours at 5am but we were determined to carry on and reach our target of 57 hours. 

"There were some tired legs out there but we had great support and the guys all kept each other going. 

"We are so happy to have reached our goal and I'm sure the aches and pains will fade after a few days!"


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