Electric candle tops 20 most useless gadgets list

275x250.jpgThe electric candle has been named as the most useless gadget of all time.

The flameless light source, which can be powered by batteries or mains, beat electric nail files and laser-guided scissors to claim the dubious honour.

Other engineering follies to make the top twenty dire devices include the bread-maker, electric fluff removers and the mini disk player, also made the top ten.

Three quarters of people admit to having bought a gadget they've rarely used and half said they've regretted a gadget purchase.

The list emerged from a poll carried out among 3,000 Brits… who probably all have that familiar drawer of useless tech.
Top 20 Most Useless Gadgets
1.    Electric candles
2.    Electric nail files
3.    Laser guided scissors
4.    Bread maker
5.    Egg slicer
6.    Egg boiler
7.    Back scratcher
8.    Electric fluff remover
9.    Fondue set
10.    Mini disk player
11.    Yoghurt maker
12.    Back Massagers
13.    Cocktail shaker and stirrer
14.    Electric carving knife
15.    Sodastream
16.    Facial tanners
17.    Teas made
18.    Waffle iron
19.    Foot spa
20.    Towel warmer

A spokesperson from Protectyourbubble.com, which commissioned the poll, said: "Some gadgets might seem like a great idea when you first see them, but often, once you get them home, you soon realise you have no use for them.

"We seem to be drawn in when we see a gadget which looks like it could make our lives easier, but in reality, they are more likely to spend their lives sitting at the back of a cupboard.

"Sometimes, as is the case with the electric candle, it's can be just as quick and easy to go for the normal version instead of a fancy gadget."

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