iBottleOpener: Open beer bottles with an iPhone

275x250.jpgThe Apple iPhone just became a lot more useful -- after a protective case was revealed which also doubles as a beer bottle opener.

iBottleOpener functions as a normal run-of-the-mill iPhone case, protecting the device from all the usual scratches and drops

But on the rear it reveals a classic bottle opener which inventor Zack Cram, from California, says he couldn't believe hadn't been added earlier.

And Apple might want to consider building one into the next version of the iPhone because demand for the £15 case is so high it sold out within two days.

Makers say they're struggling to produce the bottle opening cases fast enough… but that they've already submitted a patent for a wine corkscrew iPhone case.

Speaking to Newslite the 21-year-old inventer said: "People are just astounded that the iPhone has been around for three years and nobody has thought of this yet.  

"When the patent search came back clean, I knew I had something big on my hands. It's the worlds most popular phone, and the worlds most beloved beverage, whats not to like?"

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