Fried beer invented by enterprising Texan chef

275x250.jpg A chef from Texas is set to become a hero to beer and fried-food loving men everywhere... after creating a recipe for deep-fried beer.

Mark Zable says he came up with the idea while sitting in a bar (where else?) and being bored by the majority of items on the menu.

Zable then tried countless ways of frying beer including using liquid nitrogen to freeze it before covering it in batter and submerging it in hot oil.

But it was only after three-years of trial and error he worked out beer could be placed in a ravioli-like pocket of pretzel dough and flash fried for about 20 seconds… personally we can't think of a better way of spending three years.
275x250.jpg The 39-year-old says he has patented the process of placing any liquid in a dough type product for frying purposes, and now hopes to see his creation become a world-wide hit with "anyone that likes beer and is hungry".

The deep fried beer pieces are being debuted at the State Fair of Texas later this month where they will sell for $5 for five, but Zable says early taste tests have proved positive with diners (who have to be over 21) loving the mixture of beer and salty dough.

Speaking to Newslite he said of the deep fried beer idea: "My wife and I were sitting at a bar looking at the appetizer menu… We saw Nachos, Wings, Chips & Salsa… Bor-ing… I said, someone should come up with Fried Beer.  

"We looked at each other and new that was the next food creation we needed to develop.

"But it took a couple of years to get it right. Taking a liquid and placing it into a fryer filled with 350’ oil is a BAD idea. I would not recommend that people try this at home."

And women who don't like beer needn't worry, Zable says he has got them covered too with plans for a deep fried wine which he says will be made with Riesling.

But this isn't his first off culinary creation, previously he has given the world Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls, Sweet Jalapeño Corn Dog Shrimp and Frozen Whipped Cream bites.

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