'Spiderman' arrested after scaling Oz skyscraper

The French Spiderman, also know by the more mundane name of Alain Robert, has been arrested in Australia after climbing a 57-storey building.

Robert - who's previously scaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the New York Times building in New York - made it to the top within 25 minutes.

But police who had been alerted to his impromptu climb without safety equipment were less than impressed and were waiting for the 48-year-old at the top.

Fans who had gathered and the bottom of the Lumiere Building on Bathurst Street, Sydney, to watch the climb were no doubt unhappy to see their hero being led away by cops.

Police are now threatening to throw the book at him… which mean he could soon be climbing the walls of a prison cell.
A spokesperson for New South Wales Police said: "We look very dimly on this. We've had to use a number of different resources and it has obviously been a tremendous impact on the people of Sydney.

"We've had to close streets and will be prosecuting him to the full extent of the law."

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