Study: Women prefer geeky men to athletic ones

275x250.jpgA study into the dating habits of 3,000 women has found they prefer geeky, practical guys over athletic well-groomed men.

Of the women polled, almost three quarters said they were more attracted to men who know how to fix things over blokes who spend all their time keeping fit.

Almost nine-out-of-ten said they found men who spend their spare time down the gym a total turn-off and just a third said muscly bloke were their think.

Offering hope to geeks everywhere more than half even said they wouldn't consider dating a man who couldn't get his head around technology gadgets or home DIY.
Which all leaves one question… where can we get the phone numbers of the 3,000 women who were surveyed?
A spokesman for 24/7 tech support advice service Geek Squad, which carried out the study said: "These results will be a severe blow for the millions of men who regularly work-out in a bid to appear more attractive to the opposite sex.
"Women might lust over hunky celebrities like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, but it looks like when it comes to being in a relationship, they would much rather be with someone who is practical and has a bit of gadget know-how.
"It seems women value a man who can give them support in practical ways as well as emotionally, and especially when it comes to technology and gadgets."

Geek Squad   
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