Traditional outdoor games are forgotten by kids

275x250.jpgModern children have ditched traditional outdoor games in favour of high-tech gadgets a new study has revealed.

Youngsters no longer participate in time-honoured pastimes like conkers, hopscotch and marbles with over half of kids saying their favourite game is the Nintendo Wii.

Nearly three quarters of kids aged four to 11 have never played the playground favourite hopscotch, with ten percent of kids thinking it was a soft drink.

A whopping 93 percent of children surveyed said they would never play marbles and half had never even heard of the small glass balls.

Other well known games modern kids are unaware of include, Rock, Paper, Scissors (80%) and Tiddlywinks (50%) -- which makes us feel depressingly old.
In addition, three quarters of kids never play 'tag' and 87 per cent have never heard of or played ring-a-ring-a roses.

However the survey also revealed that the favourite game to play was a Nintendo Wii, followed by the Nintendo DS and football.

A spokesperson for Persil who conducted the poll said:  "This poll has revealed that many outdoor games that we all loved so much as children are slowly dying off.

"There's no doubt that high-tech gadgets are over-taking more traditional children's pastimes.

"But it's encouraging to see that games like hide and seek and football are still up there in the favourite games that kids play."

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