Designers to launch a range of wacky helmets

275x250.jpg You might not see Hells Angels' sporting these crazy helmets any time soon, but if Borat took up biking, you might see a walnut speeding down the motorway.

That's because tennis balls, haircuts and a globe are the latest in bicycle helmet fashion designs to come out of Kazakhstan.

The wacky helmets are the creation of a marketing agency who admit the initially created them as a laugh… but now they're set to go into production.

Designers say they were inundated by would-be customers wanting the wear the off-beat headwear and they should be on shelves (and shoulders) by 2011.
275x250.jpg Rimma Fhevtfova, of GOOD! Agency said: "We wanted to make something unusual. We wanted to make something that is outside the box and to try and think differently.

"There is a growing cycling scene in Kazakhstan. It is much better than it was two years ago so we want to tap into that," added Mrs Fhevtfova.

"In the market, there are limited designs and producers and very few customers are using handmade or tailor made helmets of different styles."

But while bikers in Central Asia and Kazakhstan can get their gloves on the helmets early next year, the rest of the world will have to wait.

"Ideally, we would like to take them to Europe and America but we are still working through the costings. We are looking into a few proposals."

275x250.jpg Cyclist Ipana Chambers, from London, added: "I bike to work every day. Society comes down hard on cyclists because you have to wear fluorescent vests and the proper safety equipment.

"But I like to look fashionable when I travel to work. These helmets will make cyclists look cool. I'll definitely be getting my hands on one. No one can complain because I'll definitely stand out to motorists."

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