Artist uses her boobs rather than a paintbrush

A US artist says she produces her artwork using an unusual method -- covering her 38DD boobs in paint and pressing them against the canvas.

Kira Ayn Varszegi says she first started breast painting almost ten years ago and that her works can sell for £600 each.

The 24-year-old from Connecticut creates each painting by coating her breasts with various coloured paints and then pressing and dragging them on the canvas.

She admits she was initially surprised by the level of commercial interest in the abstract breast works, and that she's now created and sold hundreds of painting.

However, not all of her fans are only interested in the final result… she admits she's constantly being besieged with requests for photos of the 'creative process'.
Speaking of her work Kira added: "The paint is applied directly to my breasts, which are then pressed onto the canvas.  

"This process is repeated many times, using different color combinations and transfer techniques, until I'm pleased with the final composition.

"An interesting palette and well-balanced composition are essential to me.

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