Top 20 unusual children's names revealed

275x250.jpgShy, Unity and Bean are just some of the unusual names British parents have given their children over the past 10 years, it's been revealed.

The bizarre monikers emerged after researchers trawled through the millions of recorded names given to newborns since the year 2000.

Other off-beat names in the top 20 list (which will no doubt haunt their owners their entire lives) include Zowie, Puppy and Ice.

There are also a handful of unusual hippy-style names such as Stone, Gift, Heaven and Echo, while the fashion world might have inspired the names Denim, Diesel and Armani.

In what can be the only solace in having one of these odd names, at least you're less likely to meet too many people with the same name as them. That would just be embarrassing. 

1.    Shy
2.    Unity
3.    Bean
4.    Zowie
5.    Puppy
6.    Ice
7.    Victory
8.    Porsche
9.    D'Andre
10.    Denim
11.    Diesel
12.    Armani
13.    Rooney
14.    Bowie
15.    Cobain
16.    Stone
17.    Gift
18.    Echo
19.    Heaven
20.    Maroon

A spokeswoman for, which conducted the study, said: "Our records have uncovered these unusual name choices of parents over the decade, illustrating the ever growing trend for wackier, celebrity-style names not previously heard of in Britain's playgrounds.

"It's great to see parents being creative and wanting their children to stand out from the crowd with more unusual names but there are a few names here that children may find hard to live up to!"

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