Walk across America video becomes a web hit

275x250.jpg A video of a man walking across America - which was made using stop-motion photography and 2,770 images - has become a massive online hit.

Since it was uploaded a week ago, over a million people have already watched the video of Michael Johnson walking his way from New York to San Francisco.

Producers took thousands of still photographs of Michael walking during a 14-day trip
from one side of America to the other, then carefully put them together the create the dramatic effect.

The result is so impressive it almost doesn't matter that the production was paid for by Levi's which features prominently at the end. Almost.

To perfect the stop-motion effect, the camera has to be placed exactly the same distance from the model in each shot and producers used a video of his natural walk to position him.

A full 'making of' can be seen in the video below.

Walk Across America   
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