Whale jumps from sea - hits (and breaks) yacht

275x250.jpg A couple on a whale-watching trip near Cape Town, got a closer view than they expected when a massive 40-ton whale jumped from the sean and onto their yacht.

Amazingly, as they looked for whales, a massive 10 metre one leapt from the water off the coast of South Africa and headed straight for their diminutive yacht.

The Southern Right whale then smashed into the 33ft boat and snapped the mast before eventually sliding back into the water an swimming away.

Luckily the accident was caught on camera by a nearby tourist… otherwise no-one would have believed their whale of a tale.
275x250.jpg Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner say they didn't know what to do as the whale thrashed about on their yacht and both are surprised they were not hurt in the odd incident.

Once the whale was back in the water they used their engine to return back to the Cape Town Sailing Academy.

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