£12,000 car wash is Britain's most expensive

275x250.jpg A supercar fannatic has launched the world's most expensive and exclusive carwash and detailing service -- which costs up to £12,000 for each individual motor.

Gurcharn Sahota, 30, prides himself on offering the world's best car wash and uses a computerised microscope to spot the tiniest blemishes not visible to the human eye.

The detailer can then spend 250 hours using over 100 cleaning fluids and buffing every inch of the car five times to please his mega-rich clients who include royalty, musicians, sports stars and actors.

If you don't think you clapped out old Fiesta is quite worth the £12,000 price-tag of his top-of-the-range cleans why not go for his basic option… like the 'typical' £700 service.
275x250.jpg Speaking of 'Elite Detailing' Gurcharn said: "Most customers say they are too scared to drive the car after one of my treatments but a car is supposed to be driven in my opinion.

"After I have treated a car and you have been for a drive, of course it will get dirty, its inevitable.

"However, because the vehicle's surfaces are coated with a special coating of wax, it will basically provide a protective barrier over the surface.

"My most expensive service is the Gurcharn Sahota Detail and it is the best treatment in the world. It takes up to six weeks to complete at around £2000 per week.

He says Porsches are the most common car he is called to work on though he has serviced Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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