Scary Queen Mary advert banned by ASA (Video)

275x250.jpg An animated avert which showed Queen Mary turning into a gruesome zombie has been banned for scaring young children on the tube.

The London Dungeon ad had been appearing on digital displays at London tube stations with a regal portrait of Queen Mary quickly transforming into a terrifying ghoulish image.

But after a series of complaints, bosses from ASA have ruled the  Bloody Mary Tudor exhibition ads should be pulled -- because they are too scary for the public.

We can only imagine how Queen Mary would have taken the news that her image was to be removed from display… during her reign from 1553 to 1558, she had more than 300 people burned alive.

A spokesperson for The London Dungeon said: “We’re in the business of scaring with a historical twist and we pride ourselves on advertising that is provocative and edgy”

"However we are  amazed by the ASA’s decision.  Indeed, we worked closely with all the necessary bodies to ensure our Bloody Mary advertising met all the required criteria. 

"Undoubtedly the sight of a regal monarch morphing into a monstrous figure is an arresting one and was intended to grab attention. However, we are totally confounded by this decision."

London Dungeon                   
Advertising Standards Association 
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