Twilight inspired fangs are teen hit say dentists

275x250.jpgDentists in the US say they are currently dealing with a surge in young patients who want tempory vampire-style fangs installing.

Twilight fans are each paying around $200 (£130) for the 'Vampire Veneers' - an aesthetic enhancement of the canines, making them longer and sharper.

The undead vampire-esque teeth are, thanks to the Twilight craze, one of the most popular procedures carried out by cosmetic dentists this summer.

During the 15-minute procedure veneers are attached to the top of existing teeth, using a tooth-coloured resin which is shaped to look like fangs.

Dentists warn the vampire veneers can take some getting used to, but add they are compatible with most eating habits… so no need to switch to blood just yet.
Dr. Dianna Wilde of Floss Dental in Houston, said: "Amidst the highlight of the Twilight craze, vampire veneers have become a popular item amongst cosmetic dentists."

Asked if they are functional she added: "In the sense that you are able to eat with them, yes, vampire veneers are functional. Can you bite somebody on the neck? In theory, but it is not recommended!

"The veneer is designed to give a vampiric appeal, but not provide any sort of function beyond regular eating habits.

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