Comfortable-looking sofa is made from concrete

275x250.jpgSure it looks like a luxurious leather chair, perfect for lazy summer afternoons, but this sofa is actually made out of CONCRETE.

The wacky couch - based on the model of the iconic 'Chesterfield' - was created with nearly 100kg of specially-mixed ultra fine cement by Steve Jones.

He took a mould from a genuine couch and casting it into the hollow concrete sofa in a process which took a week to complete.

Steve now hopes the 7x3ft concrete creation will go on sale at garden centres across the country and insists to potential buyers it is comfortable.

The authenticity of the design has even seen a concrete 50p coin stuck down the back of the concrete cushions, really.
275x250.jpg Speaking of his design - which is produced by Gray Concrete - Steve said: "When you say 'concrete' to most people they usually think of multi-storey car parks.

"But through our fine mix and special moulding techniques we want to show how far you can push the material. It would make a great garden feature and believe it or not, its actually very comfy."

Gray Concrete     
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