Women keep beauty routines secret from men

275x250.jpgTwo thirds of men have no idea the lengths their wife or girlfriend goes to look her best, it has been found.

Research revealed most men are oblivious to the extensive beauty routines -- which average 5 hours per week in the bathroom plucking, fake-tanning and waxing.

It was also found 28 per cent of men are unaware any women do things like pluck hairs from their chin, wear false eyelashes or file their nails.

A sneaky 18 percent of women say they purposely keep their partner in the dark about their gruelling beauty regime and amazingly 1-in-20 claim their bloke has NEVER seen them looking 'au natural'

However, this is probably a good thing... because looking at this beauty routine list  - those ones must off looking like the incredible hulk.
Most common beauty routines

1. Shave or wax legs
2. Plucking eyebrows
3. Applying make-up
4. Shave or wax underarms
5. Highlighting / colouring hair
6. Pedicures
7. Fake tan
8. False / acrylic nails
9. Wax or shave bikini line
10. Bleach facial hair
11. False eyelashes It'
12. Hair extensions
13. Waxing facial hair
14. Pluck nose hair
15. Regular facials
16. Wear coloured contact lenses
17. Teeth Veneers
18. Eyelash extensions
19. Botox
20. Permanent make-up

A spokesperson for Jolen Crème Bleach, which commissioned the poll of 3,000 women said: "Most women have a regimented beauty regime which they will have stuck to for years and men don't seem to realise the effort women put in on a daily basis.

"The process in which women go through to look good is sometimes not at all glamorous or ladylike."

Jolen Crème Bleach  
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