Historic 300-dish dessert banquet served again

275x250.jpg A spectacular 300 dish dessert banquet believed to have been served to Queen Elizabeth over 400 years ago has been recreated.

Bosses at Kenilworth Castle decided to reproduce the food-fest - originally served at the castle by Sir Robert Dudley in 1575 - as part of their summer celebrations.

The meal took 700 man-hours to research and create in authentic detail and was presented on a massive banquet table dressed with towering sugar sculptures.

Desserts on offer to luck members of the public included gold gilded jelly, custard tarts, jams and candies -- the no so lucky ones got dried sturgeon stomach and pigs bladder skins which were also on the menu.
“We know Robert Dudley spared no expense to impress Queen Elizabeth on her visit to Kenilworth and he threw a 19 day long extravaganza, the scale of which is difficult for us to fully comprehend today,” commented Beth Cavanagh, Head of Visitor Operations.

“Dudley created the sumptuous Garden here just for her visit and the entertainments during her stay were staggeringly over the top - from fireworks to living statues and, of course, amazing food.  

"This banquet provides a tiny insight into what was really the social event of the Elizabethan age and provides an eye wateringly beautiful, colourful and sensational feast, worthy of the Garden it was inspired by”.

275x250.jpg Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr, who prepared the banquet, said: "Creating this banquet was a mighty technical and logistical challenge,"

"We used modern architectural technology to help us, designing and fabricating the sugar moulds using the same techniques that architects use to design buildings.

"The dishes, however, were all down to good old fashioned cooking, and as well as taking inspiration from the garden we used authentic, Elizabethan recipes from tasty tansies to flowery flummeries.

Bompas & Parr          
Kenilworth Castle      
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