Gold and diamond stilettos go on sale for £100k

275x250.jpg Pairs of designer stiletto shoes which are made from solid gold and diamonds have gone on sale in the UK for £100,000.

The Eternal Diamond Stiletto was created by bespoke jewellers House of Borgezie to be the most extravagant pair of shoes ever created.

Each pair - which are made to order - are decorated with over 2,000 brilliant cut diamonds (30 carats) and are shaped out of solid gold by experienced jewellers.

Makers say the design was inspired by the "elegant stamens of a lily" and each shoe comes with a 1,000 year guarantee… unless you lose it on a night out. 
275x250.jpg A spokesperson said: "There is no comparison to the Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto, as it is a completely unique pieces of fine jewellery.

"The creation of each stiletto takes the same time and craftsmanship that is used to make the finest Royal crown.

"Yet at the same time it can be practically worn as the ultimate, fabulous adornment.

House of Borgezie     
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