X-ray calendar shows off skeleton thin models

275x250.jpgA saucy calendar has been produced which shows parts of models you never though you would see - but it's more X-ray than X-rated.

The Eizo Pin-Up Calendar shows models in typical 'glamour' poses but has been taken with an X-ray machine rather than a traditional camera.

All that can be seen in the images is bone structure, the outline of the body… and the high-heel stilettos the models are wearing.

The promotional publication was devised by Berlin-based advertising agency BUTTER for their client Eizo, which makes medical display monitors.

It was initially sent to doctors and other prospective clients, but has since proved a massive hit online… and no-one can complain it prompts unhealthy body-types.

275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Eizo said: "The EIZO Medical pin-up calendar, is designed to show every detail.

"The calendar – the likes of which this audience had never really seen before and which breaks a few taboos.

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